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We are proud to have almost 250 Georgian wine producers listed in this directory. As of the spring of 2020, 120 of these wineries have partnered with US importers for distribution in the U.S. market. And the community is growing each month.

Learn more about these winemakers, their ancient traditions and their very dynamic wines. For importers who are seeking wines that have not yet been introduced to the US market, please contact for a complete listing.

If you are seeking natural wines, please look for "Member of the Natural Wine Association".


Schuchmann2 Thumb Cellar 2

Region: Kakheti
Appellation: Kakheti, Manavi, Napareuli, Tsinandali

German-born Burkhard Schuchmann founded his eponymous winery in 2008 after falling in love with Georgian wines and feeling compelled to share them on a global scale. Burkhard was a wine connoisseur and discovered Georgia through his travels. To manage the company’s wine production, Schuchmann sought out native Georgian Georgi Dakishvili, a third-generation winemaker and part-owner of a small winery called Vinoterra that was for sale at the time.

The winery is located in the village of Kisiskhevi in Eastern Georgia’s Kakheti wine district. It produces wines out of three vineyard sites: Napareuli, Tsinandali, and Kindzmarauli, and mostly uses native Georgian grape varieties: Rkatsiteli, Mtsvane, Kisi, and Saperavi.

Jandieri3 Thumb Wine Pouring

Region: Kakheti

Sergi Jandieri’s Cellar strives to contribute a better understanding of pitcher wines for both local and foreign wine lovers as they preserve Georgia’s 8,000 year-old traditions of winemaking in the ancient methods of harvesting and fermenting local grapes. The cellar hopes to raise awareness of these rich cultural practices as the natural wine movement spreads internationally.

Sesiashvili1 Thumb Rostom Portrait

Region: Kakheti
Appellation: Kvareli

Dating back to its establishment in 1919, Sesiashvili Cellar has been a cornerstone of its community for over a century and continues this legacy today. Rostom Seshiashvili, one of the founders of the modern company, is the mayor of Kvareli, and his family enjoys sharing their wines with local and international wine enthusiasts.

Sesikeli Thumb Bottle Grapes

Region: Kakheti
Appellation: Kakheti

Sesikeli Winery produces wine by an ancient 8000-year-old Georgian traditional method of winemaking, where the wine is naturally fermented and aged in the large clay vessels called “Qvevri”. Qvevri are buried underground which gives the wine unique taste and flavor. The process lasts 6-month and during this time grape’s skin contacts and filtrates naturally in Qvevri. After that the wine gets amber (orange) color and tannins for the company’s Rkatsiteli.

Sesikeli produces wine with the methods their family ancestors were using to produce wine in cellars in Telavi and Village Shalauri before the Soviet occupation. Their hand-made natural wine is high quality and is produced in limited quantity because the quality is their main goal, as well as to proudly present Georgia’s 8000 years ancient Qvevri winemaking method to the world.

Shalauri1 Thumb Winery 1 Copy

Region: Kakheti
Appellation: Kakheti

Shalauri Wine Cellar is a new, small artisanal wine producer passionate about wines made in the traditional Georgian method and aged in qvevri. Qvevri-made Rkatsiteli, Mtsvane and Saperavi wines have debuted during Shalauri’s first vintage, in 2013.

Shalos2 Thumb Balcony Scenic

Region: Kartli

Shalo’s Cellar produces fine natural wine with traditional Georgian winemaking methods dating back centuries. The winery harvests local grape varieties with organic processes and uses Georgian qvevri for fermentation and aging. Shalo’s Cellar seeks to encourage the revitalization of Georgian natural winemaking traditions.

Shaloshvili1 Thumb Vineyards

Region: Kakheti

Shaloshvili Wine Cellar has been making wine since 1998 and has become known for their elegant whites and full-bodied, complex reds. Since the company’s founding in 2013, they have begun equipping themselves with the most refined modern technology to produce wine in the lineage of many generations of family winemaking.

Shaloshvili Cellar also upholds a love of introducing Georgian culture to its guests, offering a full tourist package at the small hotel on their grounds.

They are currently producing 150,000 bottles of wine over 16 hectares of vine, farming all grapes with organic processes.

Natroshvili1 Thumb Grapes

Region: Kakheti

Shalva Natroshvili’s Wine Cellar is a family cellar that produces natural wine with traditional ancient Georgian techniques, aging wine in qvevri. The winery harvests local Rkatsiteli, Saperavi, Budeshuri, Kakhuri, and Mtsvivani grape varietals organically.

Shalva Natroshvili’s Wine Cellar is a member of the Natural Wine Association.

Shalvino2 Thumb Cellar Copy

Region: Kakheti
Appellation: Kakheti

Shalvino was founded in 2008. The company owned winery is located in the village Kardenakhi, Gurjaani Region, Georgia. Winery has 60 hectares of vineyards in the specific zone – Kardenakhi, on the right bank of the river Alazani, in different micro-zones, in altitude of 390 meters above sea level. Grapes harvested in the vineyards are processed in the winery, which is equipped with the newest machine-installation of Italian origin.

Shalvino also has a dozen of clay vessels, called qvevri, buried below ground level, which is used for the fermentation and storage of wine. It gives wine beneficial quality and special taste. Qvevri is the most important part of the traditional Georgian winemaking.

Shavkapito1 Thumb Vineyards 2

Region: Kartli
Appellation: Atenuri (or Ateni)

Shavgilidze’s Shavkapito is a small winery that farms their vineyards over a 0.6 hectare territory. The winery focuses on producing the finest quality local grape varietals, ensuring quality control and organic practices in all stages of their winemaking process. Shavgilidze’s Shavkapito makes natural Georgian wine with traditional qvevri methods dating back older than 8,000 years.

Shavnabada1 Thumb Monastery

Region: Kartli

Shavnabada Monastery is a medieval Georgian Orthodox Monastery named in honor of St. George and is located at the top of Shavnabada Mountain, in southeastern Georgia, some 30 km from Tbilisi.

The Shavnabada cellar, “The Monastery Blessed”, was restored in 1992 and has produced some of Georgia’s most classical wines since 1998. The Monastery vineyards are planted in Melaani, Kakheti. Grapes from parish members and friends are also utilized under the strict supervision of the Monks.

Shermadini1 Thumb Vineyard

Region: Kartli

Shermadini Winery is a family winery oriented towards the production of organic Kvevri wine. The vineyards belonging to the winery are located in the Kakheti, Gurjaani and Akhmeta micro-zones. In accordance with the standards of organic viticulture, only those biologics that are certified by the European Union are used in the fight against various pests and diseases. For making and storing wine, the ancient and unique clay vessel – Kvevri – is used. Kvevri wine is the final product of alcoholic fermentation of grape must with certain quantity of pomace (grape skins, stalks and pips), for refinement and further extract. Kveri wine gets dark straw-yellow, golden or pale-yellow color, and it is sparkling and transparent, characterized by fruit tones and moderate content of tannins. Furthermore, it is naturally stable. Grapes are handpicked in its optimal conditions of ripeness and gently transported form the contracted vineyards, from the Kakheti region to Shermadini winery, where the company produces up to 4,000 bottles annually.

Shilda1 Thumb Landscape Scenic

Region: Kakheti
Appellation: Kvareli

Founded in 2015, Shilda Winery is situated in the principal region of viniculture in Georgia and offers more than 20 varieties of wine that includes both standard and premium wine lines. The company also produces high alcohol drinks: Georgian Brandy, Grape Vodka and Chacha. The winery is fully equipped with modern Italian and French facilities, has the own laboratory with German technologies.

Shilda Winery pays homage to the rich heritage of wine history in Georgia, combining centuries-long traditions with innovative new technologies to produce high-quality wines with carefully selected local grape varieties. The company aims to produce high-quality products that meet the international markets’ and customers’ requirements and to expand its sales area.

Shumi1 Thumb Harvesters

Region: Kakheti
Appellation: Kakheti, Tsinandali

Founded in 2001, Shumi Winery is a leading producer of high-quality Georgian wines. Its large estate is located in the Kakheti wine region’s famous Tsinandali village.

Shumi Winery takes its name from an old Georgian word that means authentic, undiluted wine. The winery’s griffin logo refers to “Phaskunji”, a creature from Georgian mythology. Legend has it that the griffin brought the very first bunch of grapes to the people, and from these grapes, people started growing vines on the earth.

Shumi owns 300 hectares of vineyards in various microzones throughout Georgia, each with its own terroir, climate, and history.

While the Shumi wines from the local area are known for being distinctly Kakhetian in style, their passion is much broader as they work to educate guests from around the world with their impressive vineyard collection of over 400 indigenous varieties as well as their museum of ancient wine artifacts.


Chkheidze1 Thumb Wine Food 2

Region: Imereti

Simon Chkheidze Cellar’s goal is to sustain their family’s traditions and contribute to the development of natural viticulture and winemaking in Georgia, which it has carried out faithfully since its founding in 2005. White wines are produced in the Imeretian method, where only the juice of the grapes is fermented and aged in qvevri; whereas rosé and red wines are fermented with the addition of the skins (no stems) during initial fermentation for 3-4 days, after which they are racked off. Vineyards sit at 220-280 meters above sea level.

Simon Chkheidze’s Wine Cellar is a member of the Natural Wine Association.

Stori1 Thumb Vineyards

Region: Kakheti

Stori is a new company but its tradition of making qvevri wine has been handed down over thousands of years. It’s the most cherished cultural treasure that fills the hearts of the Georgian artisan winemakers with pride and promising future perspectives. Stori’s quality of production is strictly controlled.

SunWine1 Thumb Vineyards

Region: Kakheti
Appellation: Kakheti

The story of Sun Wine goes back to over half a century ago when the family grandfather, Zurab Mzekalashvili, began growing Rkatsiteli grapes and producing Qvevri wines in the wine cellar at his home in Kvareli. His passion and love for viticulture and winemaking spread to the entire family and inspired them to continue their family tradition of making unique wines with highest quality, using specific technologies passed down from their grandfather.

TelaviOldCellar1 Thumb Archil

Region: Kakheti
Appellation: Tsinandali

In 2011, Archili Utiashvili–a seasoned winemaker and viticulturist–founded Telavi Old Cellar. His wines come from the finest grapes grown in his 40-year old vineyard; this degree of age gives the grapes a special taste. Quality control is high at Telavi Old Cellar: wine goes into hand-made bottles, grapes are grown using biologically and ecologically clean methods and facilities, and fermentation revolves around chacha.

Each year, they craft 2,500 bottles of Rkatsiteli and 2,500 bottles of Saperavi.

Tamari1 Thumb Grapes

Region: Kakheti
Appellation: Gurjaani

Tamari is a family-owned winery focused on producing wine with traditional Kakhetian methods, farming several local grape varieties organically over a 5-hectare territory.

Tanini1 Thumb Harvest

Region: Kartli
Appellation: Mukuzani

Tanini makes natural qvevri wines in the traditional Georgian winemaking method, harvesting grapes with organic processes by hand, as well as purchasing other grape varietals from other regions of Georgia. Tanini’s owner Emzar Vasadze seeks to revive the mountain wine-making industry and owns shops of natural wine in various Georgian towns, including Tbilisi.

Tanini is a member of the Natural Wine Association.