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Alaverdi Monastery Marani is a remarkable place where the history is tightly bound with the modern world. Alapiani Winery The cellar is within the monastery walls and was built on the site of the old cellar of 8th – 10th centuries and includes a large room of 12th century construction with qvevris buried in the floor. Not much remains of the original ancient wine cellars that were part of the Monastery, which was built in 1011 – a date inscribed in the address of its website. The 11th-century marani had 25 qvevris.

The Bishop has renovated the cellar and installed qvevris and production began again in 2006. Since then almost 100000 bottles have been produced by the five monks working there. Traditional white and red qvevri wines are produced at the monastery as well as Chacha. The Bishop, who recalls helping his grandfather make qvevri wine, aims to integrate new and old, also using oak caskets and steel vats. In a little plot next to the Cathedral, samples of 102 grape varieties are being grown, which helps illustrate the resource on which the winemakers can call.


Village Kvemo Alvani, Akhmeta Municipality, Region Kakheti, Georgia


The Alaverdi Monastery Marani is located adjacent to the grounds of the historical religious and cultural site, where winemaking techniques have been preserved for centuries. The property is bordered by the Khodasheniskhevi River, a tributary to the Alazani.


Alaverdi Monastery Marani
Village Kvemo Alvani, Akhmeta Municipality, Region Kakheti, Georgia


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