“Georgia’s winemakers are the guardians of wine’s oldest traditions.”
“Georgian Wines: Older and Wiser,” Financial Times, August 2013

In The Media

Screen Shot 2020 11 25 At 1.41.46 PM E1606330384731

The untranslatable word for overeating

November 25, 2020BBC Travel

In Georgia, known for its epic feasts and toasts, people often experience shemomechama, an untranslatable word for when you are full but you continue eating anyway.

SFD Wines Georgia Hero A Vineyard29 CR Julie Peterson 1536x1152 E1606330644906


November 25, 2020SevenFifty

Nestled between the two ranges of the Caucasus Mountains, Georgia is home to the oldest unbroken winemaking tradition in the world. Georgians are fiercely proud of their 8,000-year winemaking tradition, their hundreds of indigenous grape varieties, and their unique wine culture.

Merlin 180181254 0b9ddd0a 1b59 4ee7 Aedf 9d8142896641 Jumbo E1606341984112

Try a Red Wine From the Nation of Georgia

November 23, 2020New York Times

Lost Eden, a red blend aged in traditional clay amphora, is dark and earthy.

SFD Tannins In White Wine FD9 50137 Working With White Grapes CO Clos Mogador 2520x1420 768x432 1 E1605131053956

The New Conversation About White Wine and Tannins

November 2, 2020Seventy Fifty Daily

More winemakers are using partial skin contact to create whites with firmer tannin structures and greater complexity

Orangewinehelenanicklintalkradio E1606227846826

What Is Orange Wine?

October 31, 2020The Three Drinkers

The Three Drinkers explores the history of orange wine as well as what makes it so trendy.

Thumbnail Untitled 111 E1605130831479

The Gold Country’s New Buried Treasure

October 29, 2020Wine Business

Georgia natives David and Natalie Dediachvili bring Georgian winemaking methods to California

178468454 750x E1605130543308

What’s Up With Orange Wine?

October 23, 2020Patch

Could orange wine become as popular as rose? 

1x 1 E1603220083661

Georgia’s Wine Industry Turns to Tech

October 19, 2020Bloomberg

“We are a very old winemaking country.” Here’s how Georgia’s wine industry turned to VR and e-commerce to bring its vineyards to wine lovers everywhere when the pandemic halted travel.

Origin Of Wine Grapes 2020 Map E1606745963320

Where Did Wine Come From? The True Origin of Wine

October 19, 2020Wine Folly

Where did wine come from? It wasn’t France. Nor was it Italy. Vitis vinifera, also known as “the common wine grape,” has an unexpected homeland in the country of Georgia.

Tabla Reemadesai 39 3000x2000 1 E1603199722886

Gather around Tabla for another helping of Georgian cooking

October 16, 2020Washington Post

D.C. welcomes Georgian restaurant Tabla as the new establishment offers traditional Georgian cuisine including the famous Khachapuri bread.

Https   D1e00ek4ebabms.cloudfront.net Production F796f404 2ccd 4986 A6bf Bb3ddfd5bddb E1603113872404

Meet the leaders of the orange-wine revolution

October 14, 2020Financial Times

Far from a hipster fad, “skin-contact” wines are as old as the hills – and now they’re back on the menu

Stocksy Txp304409216jH100 Medium 1201446 585057e55f9b58a8cd21eb4b E1605130250146

The 12 Best Wines to Pair with Turkey in 2020

October 12, 2020Spruce Eats

Set the table this Thanksgiving with the perfect glass

960x0 1 1 E1603114062139

What’s The Deal With Orange Wine?

September 25, 2020Forbes

“I think the idea of orange wine is really interesting—a white wine with lots of structure that pairs with richer foods and ages well”

RS1063 Winery E1600270085897

Master of Wine Lisa Granik: “Wine Speaks of Culture, People and Place”

August 31, 2020Happy Ali

Can wines be political? Master of Wine Lisa Granik believes there are opportunities for micro-activism when it comes to choosing a wine.

GEO Vyd US Embassy 768x381 Copy 3 E1600779473628

The Wines of Georgia: A First Look

August 23, 2020International Wine Review

Georgia is the cradle of human winemaking with archaeological evidence dating from 6 thousand BCE. Soviet collectivization largely destroyed traditional winemaking, but a wine renaissance focused on small producers and indigenous grape varieties began in the early 21st century, and today there are over 1,300 wineries and 48 thousand hectares of grapes. While the US is just the 10th largest importer of Georgian wine, consumer interest is growing rapidly.

Imrs E1600779679757

Quench your late-summer thirst with these 3 refreshing, bright rosés

August 21, 2020Washington Post

Washington Post highlights rich Georgian wines as the perfect summer drinks to refresh yourself this August

T0817SIGHNAGHI C HR 1 E1600779828965

Rich in wine and history, Georgia worth a toast

August 21, 2020Travel Weekly

According to Nino Turashvili, senior specialist of international tourism promotion with the tourism administration, besides all of its attractions, its people are what really sets Georgia apart. “Every Georgian tries to treat foreigners as their own personal guest, which creates this unique experience that you cannot really plan, it just happens — the people just open the doors of their homes and welcome you.”

Screen Shot 2020 08 11 At 1.37.31 PM 1 Copy

A Pandemic Tourism Pivot from Cool to Wellness

August 11, 2020OZY

OZY explores the career of hotel entrepreneur Valeri Chekheria, who helped build the nation of Georgia into a post-Soviet tourist gem with a reputation for cool. As the country reopens to tourists amid the coronavirus pandemic, he faces his biggest challenge yet: welcoming visitors with an image of health and wellness.

Decanter August Reviews E1598451753164

Georgian wine guide plus 17 wines worth seeking out

August 9, 2020Decanter

Georgia is often regarded as the birthplace of wine, with archaeological evidence of viticulture and winemaking dating back to 6000 BC… Decanter offers a breakdown of Georgia’s winemaking history and more.

Np File 28841

This summer, orange (wine) is the new pink

August 8, 2020The Japan Times

The Japan Times details the history and production process of orange wine, highlighting its appeal during its recent boom of popularity.

200528214003 Destinations Reopening Georgia Capital Tbilisi Getty Images E1600265174102

Which international destinations are reopening to tourists?

August 7, 2020CNN

Countries such as Bali, France, Georgia, Croatia have eased their border restrictions as summer tourism slowly reopens.

Image E1600265351419

Tbilisi Is Home to Modern Architecture, Historic Bathhouses, and a Charm That’s Distinctly Georgian

August 7, 2020Travel & Leisure

A captivating capital that’s creeping onto bucket lists, Tbilisi is worth checking out for its old-world charm, pulsating nightlife, top-class food and superb wines.

What Is Natural Wine

What Is Natural Wine, and Will It Spare You a Hangover? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

August 6, 2020Parade

Parade details everything you need to know about natural wine.

AR 200809819

The road to Georgian wines was a winding one

August 4, 2020Providence Journal

Local Providence friends Gayle Corrigan and Linda Dykeman founded Saperavi USA “to bring Georgian wine to Main Street USA by making it accessible, affordable, and fun.”

AR 200809818

Wine from Georgia, vegan with low sulfites

August 4, 2020Providence Journal

Rhode Island distributor brings traditional Georgian wine, history to Pawtucket.

Gotsa2 1

The 7 Best Orange Wines to Drink in 2020

July 30, 2020The Spruce Eats

All about orange wines—and the best ones to buy—according to the experts

Ycm Continuing Growth Square E1596465595894

Georgian Wine Exports to the U.S. Continue to Climb During Lockdown

July 24, 2020News Release

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, export volumes for the first 6 months of 2020 exceed those from the same 6-month period of 2019.

Wine exports from the country of Georgia to the United States in the first six months of 2020 exceeded export levels in the same six-month period of 2019. This is despite lockdowns and economic downturns in both countries resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Exports to the U.S. for January through June 2020 showed an increase of 5% in volume, according to the National Wine Agency of Georgia.

These positive results follow five straight years of year-over-year double-digit growth (30%+ on average) in Georgia’s annual wine exports to the U.S. In 2019, Georgian wine exports to the U.S. rose 46% over the previous year, making the U.S. Georgia’s largest Western wine market. Wines from 130 independent Georgian producers are now available in the U.S. market.

Textasomm Qa Jenna Header

Sommelier Jenna Isaacs ‘Can’t Stop Popping Bottles’ of Champagne in Quarantine

June 9, 2020VINEPAIR

VinePair interviews sommelier Jenna Isaacs on her favorite wines during the quarantine, her wine recommendations for consumers, and her interest in wines from Georgia. 

2020 6.01

Summer In Europe: The 20 Safest Places For Travel And Tourism Post-Coronavirus, According To European Best Destinations

June 1, 2020FORBES

With travel restrictions lifting in some places during the summer, Forbes explores the best European destinations for tourist safety and leisure, including the breathtaking Georgian cities Tbilisi and Batumi. Both tourist hotspots are some of the safest destinations during the global pandemic at this time and are known for the rich cultural and cuisine experience they offer as well as their sweeping Georgian landscapes.

2020 5.31

Rising Stars In Travel: These 7 Countries Have Potential To Become Major Tourist Destinations In A Post-Covid World

May 31, 2020FORBES

Though the global tourism industry struggles during the pandemic, several countries are prepared to welcome a boom of travelers once restrictions are lifted. Smaller nations such as Ethiopia, Georgia, and Tunisia offer pristine natural beauty, historic attractions, and rich cultural and cuisine explorations.

2019 5.30 1

Design Milk Travels to … Tbilisi, Georgia

May 30, 2020DESIGN MILK

If you’re looking for a getaway outside the hustle and bustle of Tbilisi, the Radisson Collection Hotel, Tsinandali Estate Georgia – a former estate and winery turned luxe getaway in the Georgian wine region of Kakheti – should fit the bill rather luxuriously. Spanish designers Christina Gabas and Damian Figueras were not averse to using modern swaths of colors and texture to complement the synthesis of historic structure to its contemporary additions. The hotel’s 141 rooms and suites are surprisingly intimate in relation to the grand scale of the hotel’s walkways, rooftop pool and spa, concert venue, verdant park grounds, and other public spaces, each guest room decorated with seasonal cues of the region’s viticulture-focused landscape. It may take 1.5 hours to get here from Tbilisi, but the drive to and from offers a glimpse of the country’s exceptional and varied landscape

2020 5.28 1 E1595863117670

Orange Wine is Trending for All the Right Reasons


Age-old winemaking styles are being revived today as producers and consumers alike are enjoying ‘genre-expanding’ natural wines.

2020 5.27

Mountains, hiking and wine: Georgia aims to open to international tourism in July


Georgia hopes to be recognized as a safe destination after the country’s apparent COVID-19 success, welcoming tourists in July. 2019 proved to be the nation’s peak of tourism at over nine million; the country reopens its borders to offer visitors the same sweeping sceneries and cultural richness.

2020 5.26

Notes on Reopening: Small Wineries on Shaky Ground


Culinary Backstreets details the strain Georgian wineries are taking during the pandemic, as well as their plans to bounce back in the coming months. With tourism dwindled and safety restrictions in place, very few wineries and restaurant establishments remain open and smaller family wineries suffer.

2020 5.18

10 Wrong Things You Probably Assumed About Natural Wine

May 18, 2020MAXIM

The methods involved in natural wine making date back thousands of years in the Republic of Georgia, whose people are credited not just with the birth of wine, but many of these low-intervention methods, including skin-contact wine.

2020 5.11

How Silk-Making Represents a More Hidden Side of Georgia’s Past


New York Times explores the history and origins of Georgia’s unique silk-making traditions and shares the stories of present-day Georgians working to keep the craft alive.

2020 5.07

The Polarizing Power of Orange Wine


The best examples of these white wines, made with red techniques, are striking and wonderful. Still some dismiss this ancient wine, now trendy once more.

2020 5.05

Travel around the world during Zoom happy hours with these global drinking traditions


Washington Post shares some of the world’s best drinking traditions for virtual happy hours during quarantine. Games and customs from Iceland, Georgia, Mexico, and all over the globe uplift citizens staying at home during the pandemic.

2020 5.01

Book Club: Wines of Georgia


“Certainly the history is a selling point. I would say it’s a feature. You know, you’re drinking history. The Georgians have a tremendous amount of pride – pride in having survived, pride in having one of the 14 original alphabets, and pride in their various traditions and holding to them…But history doesn’t have a flavor. It’s a story. In the end, we drink wine, and it has to be delicious.”

2020 4.30

The Sommelier Building International Bridges with Wine

April 30, 2020FOOD & WINE

“Wine is a product derived from the land, and it’s one of the very few things that you can export that really encapsulates that,” she says. “Drinking it allows you to empathize with people that you may never meet, or a country where you may not ever physically set foot.”

2020 4.29

Natural Wine is not a Fad: What a Prominent Georgian From the 1800s Can Tell Us About a Centuries-Old Debate


For many, the natural wine boom might seem like it came from nowhere. It might even seem like a fad. But the Republic of Georgia, home to the oldest evidence of winemaking in the world, has hosted a fierce debate over the future of low-intervention winemaking techniques for centuries. Georgia’s traditional qvevri method was declared part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2013 and is in the midst of a major renaissance.

2020 4.22

A Glimpse Inside the Secluded World of a Georgian Convent

April 22, 2020THE NEW YORK TIMES

Restoration of rural Georgian convent now holds a steadfast community of multiskilled nuns, where the nuns offer schooling for local Armenian community schoolchildren while also working in a variety of crafts from cheesemaking to textiles to agriculture.

2020 4.21

For ex-Warriors center Zaza Pachulia, ‘supporting local’ has a deeper meaning

April 21, 2020THE ATHLETIC

Georgian athlete Zaza Pachulia turns towards communal outreach through supporting and connecting with San Carlos’s Georgian restaurant Tamari. Tamari owner Shalva Dzotsenidze shares authentic Georgian cuisine with struggling and sick members of the Bay Area during COVID-19.

2020 4.18

Georgia’s staple cheesy bread is more than Instagram bait. It’s an economic indicator

April 18, 2020FORTUNE

Fortune explores the significance of Georgia’s famous Khachapuri cheese bread and how the public’s consumption of it is studied to mark economic changes and inflation. In times of the pandemic, Georgians are adjusting their culinary habits.

2020 4.13

The Allure and Anxiety of Drinking Alone in Quarantine


“In truth, drinking alone is not a hardship; it is still a privilege and a luxury. Wine has been going strong for over 8,000 years. Even if, right now, it fails to deliver at full sensorial capacity, I can still contemplate the people who made it, the vintage they made it in, and the natural disasters that had to be overcome to make something beautiful. And, so she persists.”

2020 4.10

Blast From The Past: 14 Wines Inspired By Times Gone By


While there is still some debate about the origins of wine, most scholars agree that vine domestication dates back to at least 4000BC and probably spread from the area around the Caucasus Mountains (modern-day Georgia) gradually westward, traipsing through Phoenicia (modern-day Lebanon), Greece and Rome before making its way north and west. For an especially exotic holiday meal, why not choose wines that retrace the vine’s ancient steps? However, be prepared to drink a lot of whites, which were generally more prized in antiquity than their red counterparts.

2020 4.07

Travel After Coronavirus: The Lesser-Known European Cities To Visit First

April 7, 2020CULTURE TRIP

Culture Trip offers some of the best cities off the beaten path for when travel restrictions are lifted, encouraging travelers to enjoy the cultural richness and famous cuisines of places such as Tbilisi and Gothenburg.

2020 4.03

Georgia On My Wine

April 3, 2020THE GROWLER

After its origin over 8,000 years ago, Georgian wine continues to expand production and growth in international markets, as several producers all over the world model their production processes from the famous qvevri winemaking techniques, exploring natural wine.

2020 4.02

Riravo: A Brandy Joins the Fight Against Covid-19


Georgian distillery Riravo, producer of fine brandy, takes action amid Covid-19 pandemic by producing and bottling unique hand sanitizer. The small distillery north of Tbilisi began producing Riravo Hand Sanitizer in early March and has since sold 200 bottles and is now taking bulk orders from various local companies and organizations.

2020 3.31

How Wineries Are Keeping The Juices Flowing During The Pandemic

March 31, 2020FORBES

Forbes details the latest updates on the wine industry’s response to the pandemic, as wineries and wine magazines alike are offering reduced or free shipping, deliveries, and sharing relief resources and financial assistance for the vinicultural community.

2020 3.18

Georgian Wine Exports to the U.S. +30% YOY for 5th Consecutive Year, With U.S. Taking the Lead as the Largest ‘Western’ Export Market


Handcrafted fine natural wines from Georgia captivate consumers as the nation experiences unprecedented commercial success this year. As the world’s oldest winemaking region, the country’s wine industry has recently transformed from a smaller industry into an artisanal powerhouse, and the United States remains their largest export market.

2020 3.09

Khinkali & clay pot chicken: San Carlos gets the Bay Area’s second Georgian restaurant


Local resident brings authentic Georgian cuisine to San Carlos, offering the second sit-down Georgian restaurant in downtown Palo Alto. Restaurant ‘Tamari’ serves traditional communal meals drawing from owner Dzotsenidze’s experience immersed in his cultural heritage.View article >

2020 3.06

The 8 Best Wines You’ve Never Heard of

March 6, 2020THE PLUM

The Plum lists some of the best offbeat wines for the consumer to broaden their palette with, including the rich natural wines from the ancient wine regions of Georgia.View article >

2020 3.02 1

This Riff on a Classic Negroni Captures Georgia’s Native Spirit

March 2, 2020LIQUOR.COM

Tbilisi cocktail bar 41 Gradus highlights Georgia’s native chacha in its Bagrationi drink, a creative twist of a regular gin classic. The recipe continues to bring vitality to traditional Georgian spirits and also honors historic Georgian general who fought against Napoleon in 1812.

2020 3.02

13 Common Georgian Wine Varieties, from Inky Reds to Crisp Sparklers


Wine Enthusiast outlines the most common traditional Georgian wine varieties, from the peppery Ojaleshi red to the popular Chinuri white. The nation’s wide array of indigenous grape varieties continues to captivate visitors and locals alike.

2020 2.28

Top Six Wine Events in NYC – March 2020

February 28, 2020THE WINE CHEF

Broaden your wine knowledge and explore these exciting wine events in New York, including a special delegation of women winemakers from famous winemaking region Bordeaux and a chance to meet the winemakers and taste the finest natural handcrafted wines from Georgia, the oldest winemaking country in the world

2020 2.27

Georgian wine on Mars?

February 27, 2020LE MONDE

From the small nation of Georgia, the birthplace of viticulture, a scientific project aims to grow vines on the red planet.

2020 2.25

Khareba, The Award-Winning Georgian Winery, To Partake In VINEXPO 2020

February 25, 2020YAHOO FINANCE

Successful Georgian winery Khareba continues its expansion in the Western market, announcing its participation in this year’s VINEXPO. Khareba proudly brings ancient winemaking traditions combined with progressive winemaking into the United States.

2020 2.24

Vinexpo gears up for third New York show


International wine and spirits brands are eager to display their wares at Vinexpo New York in March, offering educational events and wine tastings of their finest assortments. Vinexpo will be hosting winemakers and brands from a diverse range of wine regions, including the oldest winemaking region of Georgia as well as several first-time participants such as Ukraine and Switzerland.

2020 2.09

Georgian Winemaker Keto Nindize is a Journalist, Activist, and Wine-Tourism Pioneer

February 9, 2020WINE ENTHUSIAST

Winemaker Keto Nindize tells Wine Enthusiast how she has pioneered opportunities for women in the winemaking industry in Georgia, facing sexism to revitalize viniculture traditions in Western Georgia.

2020 1.31

10 of the dreamiest places in Georgia

January 31, 2020CNN

CNN explores Georgia’s most awe-inspiring geographical marvels and historical sites for travelers to experience in this nation full of natural beauty and rich history.

2020 1.29

Georgia’s best dishes, and where to eat them in Tbilisi

January 29, 2020CNN

CNN details the finest traditional and unique Georgian dishes and where to find the best dining locations in Tbilisi.

2020 1.28

Georgia is the Spiritual Home of Natural Wine

January 28, 2020WINE ENTHUSIAST

As interest in natural wine rises in the U.S., Wine Enthusiast explores the history and uniqueness of Georgian qvevri wine as the oldest producer of natural wine in history.

2020 1.09

NWA Head: Georgian Wine Is Establishing Its Place in the Premium Segment

January 9, 2020GEORGIA TODAY

Georgia’s Natural Wine Association head notes that Georgian wine exports in 2019 was a record high indicator in the history of Georgia at 94 million bottles, while the nation’s earnings from wine imports last month was a 20% increase to the same period of 2018. The nation’s wine industry looks towards future growth with excitement.

2019 12.28

The Best Wines To Drink In 2020

December 28, 2019FORBES

Wine writers and sommeliers share their enthusiasms for various wines in the coming year, as several celebrate the forgotten grape varietals that are being rediscovered, including the Meskhuri grape in Georgia. Georgian wines and other ancient wine cultures in Lebanon and Israel are further praised for their modern wine industries and longstanding histories of wine production.View article >

2019 12.27

Our Editors’ Nine Favorite Wine Travel Destinations From 2019

December 27, 2019WINE ENTHUSIAST

Wine Enthusiast’s editors describe the charms and enriching cultures of various regions in Germany, Morocco, France and Australia, including the Kakheti Region in Georgia as a natural wine heaven. Wine Enthusiast celebrates the hospitality of the Kakhetian traditional meals and the complex tastes of their amber wines.

2019 12.23

The 8 Best Wine Bars in Tbilisi, Georgia

December 23, 2019CULTURE TRIP

Culture Trip reviews Tbilsi’s best wine bars including both modern establishments and more antique spaces, with all the perfect pairings of traditional Georgian meals and their accompanying rare vintages.

2019 12.22

Where Will Your Next Bombshell Bottle Come From? We Take a Look at the Best New Wine Regions

December 22, 2019ROBB REPORT

Rapidly evolving technologies and emerging international economies shift the stage for new wine regions to shine. Among Mexico, India, and British Colombia, the Republic of Georgia has a rich past in its wine culture and a bright future ahead in the international markets.

2019 12.13

Tbilisi’s Top Wine Bars: Where To Go Drinking In The Capital Of The World’s Oldest Winemaking Country

December 13, 2019FORBES

It’s only taken 8000 years, but the world’s oldest wine producing country, Georgia, is finally getting the international recognition it deserves — and there’s no better place to sample some Saperavis and Rkatsitelis than a trip through the capital city of Tbilisi. Georgians are fiercely proud of their nation’s wines, the majority of which are made by small producers from indigenous grapes, many organically, and aged in giant underground clay vessels, called kvevri. 

2019 12.03

6 Cookbooks That Double as Guidebooks

December 3, 2019THE NEW YORK TIMES

For travelers interested in cuisine while planning their trip, these cookbooks serve as guidebooks detailing how food and drink culture are so closely bound with history and the land’s unique geography in nations such as Portugal and Georgia.

2019 11.30

Mike deSimone’s Monthly List of Top Wines

November 30, 2019WINE ENTHUSIAST

Wine Enthusiast reviews this month’s top wines, including several unique Georgian traditional-style wines.

2019 11.27

The Best Thanksgiving Recipes to Pair with Skin-Contact Wine

November 27, 2019WINE ENTHUSIAST

Wine Enthusiast offers this exciting holiday guide for how to prepare your Thanksgiving dishes to pair best with orange wines and enrich the palate of your feast.

2019 11.22

Saperavi In Shanghai: The Story Behind The World’s First International Saperavi Symposium

November 22, 2019FORBES

Traditional Georgian Saperavi wine finds high consumer appeal in China and is thriving in international markets; modern winemakers have begun growing it in regions across the globe.View article >

2019 11.15

Skip the Obvious: Alternatives to Europe’s Most Over-Touristed Cities

November 15, 2019NEWSWEEK

Experience these exciting alternatives to Europe’s typical tourist destinations, from lush coastal villages in Spain’s Basque region to Georgia’s hospitable “City of Light” Tbilisi.View article >

2019 11.09

Marketing An 8,000-Year-Old Wine Story By The Black Sea

November 9, 2019FORBES

Forbes explores the stories behind Georgia’s wine history and its unique return to the spotlight in the modern-day wine industry, details how storytelling has been vital in marketing the nation’s 8,000 year-old practice.

2019 11.06

Wine Terroirs Feature: Ramaz Nikoladze

November 6, 2019WINE TERROIRS

Local Georgian winemaker and leader of Georgia’s natural wine movement shares his in-depth knowledge and practice of making traditional Georgian wine, delves into Georgia’s unique history of winemaking.

2019 11.01

Wine Terroirs Feature: Ének Peterson

November 1, 2019WINE TERROIRS

Young winemaker, artist, and businesswoman Ének Peterson shares her story of moving to Georgia from America to study traditional Georgian winemaking methods and culture and how she founded her own winery.

2019 10.31 1

Perfect Fall White Wines for $25 and Under

October 31, 2019WINE ENTHUSIAST

Enjoy these full-bodied whites for the Autumn season, including rare Georgian winesView article >

2019 10.31

RAW Wine NY 2019: How and Why Wines in Qvevri Develop Differently to Wines in Other Vessels


Heritage Radio Network invites iconic Georgian winemaker Iago Bitarishvili to answer all questions about qvevri wines and explore the myths around the ancient winemaking methods of qvevri fermentation.View article >

2019 10.22 1

Off the beaten track in Georgia


Georgia’s hospitality, rich cultural intersections, and food and wine history welcome visitors while its gorgeous landscape energizes tourists and locals alike.

2019 10.22

Why We Should Be Talking About Open-Air Winemaking

October 21, 2019SEVEN FIFTY DAILY

Modern winemakers are exploring open-air fermentation practices that connect with traditional winemaking techniques from ancient Georgian culture and rely on exposure to the environment to develop the wine’s unique tastes.View article >

2019 10.20

From the country of Georgia, soulful wines full of character

October 20, 2019THE BOSTON GLOBE

Enthusiasm for Georgian wine and its tradition of wine making reaches BostonView article >

2019 10.16

A Quick Guide to Amphora-Aged Wine

October 16, 2019WINE ENTHUSIAST

Wine aged in clay experiencing a renaissance across the globe today, offers rich benefits of particular textures and flavors.

2019 9.27

British Experts Assess Georgian Wine

September 27, 2019GEORGIA TODAY

Wine professionals from the United Kingdom visit, evaluate Georgian wine and culture as unique and distinguished for its history and diversity of grape varieties.


It might be trendy again, but orange wine is nothing new– and nothing to scoff at

September 27, 2019THE WASHINGTON POST

Orange wine’s trendiness continues as wine importers and critics enjoy Georgia’s history and culture preserved in traditional orange wines

2019 9.27 2

Drink: Finding the virtues of Georgian orange wine at Bloomsday Cafe


Local Philadelphia cafe and bar enjoys traditional Georgian wineView article >

2019 9.27 5

Hallgarten adds first wines from Armenia and Georgia


Leading U.K wine merchant introduces wines from Georgia into their portfolio, expresses excitement about nation’s historic wine culture and indigenous grape varieties

2019 9.27 3

Tim James: More wines from qvevri

September 27, 2019WINE MAG.CO

South African wine critics enjoy and evaluate traditional Georgian wine, visit local wineriesView article >

2019 9.27 7

Mountaineer and pioneer: Nick Erkomaishvili

September 27, 2019GEORGIAN JOURNAL

Local Georgian mountaineer seeks to bring oncoming tourists to Georgia for its quality and rich culture, founds hospitality group seeking harmony of locals and nature with tourism influxView article >

2019 9.27 4

Fitch to hold annual conference in Tbilisi. Key Rating Drivers 2019

September 27, 2019THE FINANCIAL

Fitch Ratings holding annual conference in Georgia in October, bringing together Georgian financial market leaders and experts to share views and challenges in the Georgian market.View article >

2019 9.27 8

How Georgia’s wine industry came back from oblivion

September 27, 2019CNN

Georgia withstands past hurdles and now thrives in their wine trade and popularity abroad, Russia’s 2016 embargo stimulated wine market into a dramatic comebackView article >

2019 9.27 6

Winning the war? BMSB in Georgia 2019

September 27, 2019RURAL NEWS GROUP

New Zealand delegates of wine professionals visit, enjoy Georgian wine culture and history and report on positive steps toward preventing insect damage to grape harvests

2019 9.17

Highest Harvest Rate in Past 30 Years in Kakheti

September 17, 2019GEORGIA TODAY

Grape harvest in active phase in the Republic of Georgia, over 9,000 tons of grapes have been processed within 24 hours as highest harvest rate in 30 years.

2019 9.14

By Georgia, it’s a secret gem! The former Soviet stronghold is now an easy-going and fascinating destination for history lovers

September 14, 2019DAILY MAIL

Georgia’s traditional wine making culture and hospitality draws international tourismView article >

2019 9.12 1

10 cool Georgian restaurants in Israel

September 12, 2019ISRAEL 21C

Georgian Jews in Israel catapulted to the forefront of Israeli restaurant scene because of their unique food culture and millenia-long history of wine makingView article >

2019 9.12

The Best Under-$30 Orange Wines, According To Wine Experts

September 12, 2019REFINERY 29

Wine experts select traditional Georgian wines among best under-$30 orange wines

2019 8.31

What’s behind a stratospheric tourism boom in the tiny European nation of Georgia

August 31, 2019QUARTZ

Georgia attracts more tourists than ever due to its rich history, wine culture and optimistic foreign policy changesView article >

2019 8.25

An Amber Standout From Georgia

August 25, 2019APSTEIN ON WINE

Mosmieri (Kakheti, Georgia) “Kakhuri” 2017 ($20, Corus Imports):  Georgian wines seem to be the rage these days, and there are plenty of possible reasons for that.  Consumers are intrigued that archeologists have figured out that wine has been made in that Caucasus-region country for 8,000 years, putting it among the oldest wine producing areas in the world.  The country’s relatively recent liberation from Soviet domination has resulted in a new-found focus on quality wine production, and its re-emergence is likewise a source of interest…

2019 8.22 1

Georgian Wine on my Mind


It’s been a busy couple of weeks here in The Chronicle’s Wine Dept. We published a big piece about climate change and Napa Valley last weekend, detailing why some of the valley’s most prominent winemakers believe they may no longer be able to grow Cabernet Sauvignon — that region’s lifeblood — successfully by the 2030s. Wineries like Spottswoode and Larkmead are hedging their bets by planting experimental vineyards with warm-climate grape varieties from Spain, Portugal and Italy like Touriga Nacional and Tempranillo. It’s a radical vision for the future of Napa Valley, and it’s been generating a lot of discussion…View article >

2019 8.22

Surfing the Orange Wine Wave with Haley Fortier

August 22, 2019FOOD AND WINE

Haley Fortier earns her reputation as an Orange-wine ambassador, many of her favorite wines from the country of GeorgiaView article >

2019 8.22 2

Surfing the Orange Wine Wave with Haley Fortier

August 22, 2019YAHOO

Haley Fortier earns her reputation as an Orange-wine ambassador, many of her favorite wines from the country of Georgia

2019 8.16 1

The Bay Area’s first Georgian restaurant shines with cheese pulls and chokhas


There are thousands of restaurants in the Bay Area, but as far as I know, only one has the famous Georgian khachapuri. Bevri cranks them out alongside other Georgian specialties and an extensive list of clay pot-fermented wines to pair them with…

2019 8.16

Export Of Wines From Republic of Georgia To U.S. On The Rise

August 16, 2019FORBES

Wine exports from Georgia to U.S. growing astronomically in 2019, along with consumer recognition

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Yes, Georgian wine is worth the hype and yes, you should be drinking it


Georgia invented wine, as far as anyone can tell, with a history stretching back 8,000 years, and the techniques haven’t changed very much since then. Traditional Georgian winemakers still age their wines in large clay vessels called qvevri, which they bury underground. The white wines are fermented with their skins for months, resulting in powerful tannins and a dark amber color. “Orange wine” doesn’t begin to capture it. The grapes are indigenous varieties — Tsolikouri, Krakhuna, Mtsvane — rather than the bland-sounding, internationally recognizable Chardonnay or Merlot. The process is largely preindustrial, done without synthetic chemicals in the vineyard or the winery…

2019 8.15 2

In Sonoma, a natural winemaker looks to the Republic of Georgia for inspiration


Caleb Leisure is the only American winemaker fermenting his wines in bona fide Georgian qvevri…View article >

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Skin-Contact Wines to Sip This Summer

August 1, 2019THE FOOD LENS

Amber wine from Georgia—the country east of the Black Sea, north of Turkey and Armenia—is increasingly available here in Boston. Many of these wines are made in qvevri (pronounced ‘kwev-ree’), buried clay pots that are integral to the country’s 8,000-year-old winemaking tradition. Depending on variables like the length of time that juice and skins spend together in those conical vessels, amber wines can range from delicately textural to intensely earthy.

Get into the skin-contact conversation! Here are two lip-smacking bottles to get you started…

2019 7.31 3

Orange Wine, and Other Ways to Seem Wine-Smart


Skin-contact white wines are nothing new, says Adam Knoerzer, a certified sommelier and the Dean of Drinking at Palate Partners School of Wine and Spirits in Lawrenceville.

“It’s not a traditional practice for white wines nowadays, but that’s how it happened way back when in the Republic of Georgia”…

2019 7.31 2

Get Your Taste Buds Ready for Neolithic Winemaking

July 31, 2019BUSINESS DAY

Can an 8,000-year-old method take off in South Africa? The answer lies in Obscura by Charles Back.

It’s fascinating to watch winemaker Zaza Kbilashvili dip a ladle into a massive clay vessel buried underground and extract some amber liquid. He pours it into my glass and I take a sip, then cough appreciatively. I’m finally getting used to the robust, sometimes musty wines of Georgia, where semi-crushed grapes and their pips, stalks, and skins are tipped into massive pots called qvevris and left to ferment naturally up to their necks in soil…

2019 7.29

Understanding the Georgian Wine Boom


Marco Polo, Alexander Dumas, Anton Chekhov, and John Steinbeck are just a few travelers to Georgia who returned home to write of the country’s stunning beauty, remarkable people, delicious food, and distinctive wines. Until recently, though, few in the U.S. wine trade even knew where Georgia was. Now, and seemingly out of nowhere, Georgia has become a dream destination for many in the trade. 

There’s a lot of ferment in this country whose winemaking tradition has been continuous over 8,000 years. The Georgian wine industry is in a period of rediscovery, renewal, and growth…

2019 7.28

Tbilisi: First Pronounce It, Then Go There


Georgia is one of the oldest wine-producing regions of the world. The fermented beverage plays a central role in the famous process of Georgian hospitality, standing as a symbol of friendship. Traveling to unique destinations is truly a blessing. There are places that one can simply imagine in one’s dreams. A recent trip to Tbilisi in Georgia proved this…

2019 7.26

Great Escapes: Hospitality and History in Modern Tbilisi

July 26, 2019BARRON’S PENTA

A guest is a gift from God, the Georgian saying goes—and there’s nobody else who does hospitality quite like Georgians do. Visitors will be toasted repeatedly during one of the country’s famous supras, or feasts, with glasses topped off before they’re even close to empty, dishes appearing on the table long past the point when anyone’s still hungry. Here, hospitality is simply a way of life.

But it’s not the only way of life Georgians know. Its capital, Tbilisi, is infamously one of the most war-torn the world has ever seen, conquered and retaken, captured and reconquered in an ever-repeating loop over 18 centuries. You’ll know why just by looking at a map: It rests in the center of continents, trade routes, and empires. Perhaps its geographic misfortune helped fuel that hospitality, along with a true appreciation of family, friends, and the finer things—namely good food and wine, and plenty of chacha, or Georgian pomace brandy…

2019 7.26 1

When Wine Booms Backfire


Georgian wine producers committed to preserving their traditional integrity and longevityView article >

2019 7.22

Georgian Wine Tasting in the US Came Off Excellently


Georgian wine tasting in the main cities of the US, New York, Chicago, and Boston went off excellently. The event was accompanied by a seminar on the traditions and the history of the Georgian winemaking. The day was presided by a world-famous sommelier Taylor Parson. The organizer of the event was the company “Marq Energie Consulting’’ financially supported by the National Wine Agency of Georgia.

Georgian wine tasting aimed at popularizing the local wine in the US. It should be noted that there is a rapid increase in wine exports to the US. According to the statistics, there were 354 000 bottles of wine exported to the US over the 6 months of 2019, which is 90% higher compared to the point of the corresponding period in the previous year…

2019 7.18

750 Daily’s Most-Read Stories of the Last Two Years: No. 5 – Why an Ancient Winemaking Technique is Making a Comeback


From Italy to Oregon, the use of clay pots in fermentation and aging is gaining devotees

Clay vessels have been used to ferment and age wine since ancient times. Neolithic Age wine vessels recently found in the Republic of Georgia were tested and confirmed to be the world’s oldest. “Almost every ancient culture, from the Canaanites to the Egyptians to the Assyrians to the Greeks and Romans, vinified in pottery vessels,” says Patrick McGovern, Ph. D., the scientific director of the Biomolecular Archaeology Laboratory at the University of Pennsylvania Museum in Philadelphia. His team conducted the liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry testing that confirmed the age of the Georgian vessels.

While clay pots are an uncontested link to the past, they are also becoming a resource for the future of winemaking. Beyond the romanticism involved in borrowing ancient techniques, terra-cotta pots offer unique interactive properties with wine—they pull out acidity, allow oxygen exchange, and provide superior insulation, among other benefits—that are different from those of stainless steel, wood barrels, or concrete. These factors are capturing the attention of winemakers around the world and encouraging new scholarship…

2019 7.17

Russian sanctions against Georgia: How dangerous are they for country’s economy?


Earlier this month, relations between Georgia and Russia hit a new low point following the protests in Tbilisi triggered by the visit to the city of a Russian communist MP, Sergey Gavrilov. For many people, seeing a Russian MP sitting in the chair normally occupied by the speaker of Georgia’s parliament was an unacceptable provocation, to which the Georgian government turned a blind eye. Gavrilov had to leave the country earlier than planned, and Moscow classified anti-Russian statements expressed during the protests as radical Russophobia, mostly to use is as pretext for declaring Georgia as a dangerous country for Russian visitors. Based on this claim, Vladimir Putin banned Russian airlines from flying to Georgia for an indefinite period…

2019 7.12 1

At the Crossroads: Georgia Comes Out From Behind the Curtain

July 12, 2019THE AGENDA

Laurent Vernhes, Tablet’s co-founder and CEO, recently visited the former Soviet republic of Georgia, where he discovered unique wines, incredible mountains, and a country that is finally getting the attention it deserves…

2019 7.12

Georgian Wine Exports to the U.S. Surge 88% During the First Half of 2019

July 12, 2019PRESS RELEASE

New York, NY / July 12, 2019: The National Wine Agency of the country of Georgia, a division of the Ministry of Agriculture, released half-yearly 2019 export figures which reflect continued dramatic market growth in the U.S. The U.S. is now the 10th largest Georgian export market (+88% YOY). This increase follows a three-year average growth surge of 54% year on year.

“This growth can be attributed three variables,” reported Julie Peterson, Managing Partner of Marq Wine Group, which has been leading strategy for the region over the last four years. “Wine professionals have discovered that wines made from indigenous Georgian varietals reflect a deep sense of ‘place’ and are now introducing them to American consumers at increasing rates. In addition, there is growing interest in natural wines and because of the Georgian winemakers are stilling practicing their ancient tradition, they stand at the epicenter of this movement. Finally, the ‘amber’ or skin contact wine category which emerged a few years ago continues to build exponentially.

New York City based sommelier Pascaline Lepeltier, MS of Racines NY says: “Low-intervention wines – which often encompass natural, organic, and biodynamic practices – are a growing movement, for which traditionally-made Georgian wines are one of the most remarkable examples: not because of anything new they are doing, but because they have been making wines this way for 8,000 years.”

The small country of Georgia – located about 1000 km due east of Rome and slightly larger than West Virginia – has a millennia-old home-winemaking tradition. Bordered by Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkey, and The Black Sea, Georgia is at a literal geographic crossroads and was on the historic Silk Route. While this location contributed to the country’s rich artistic, culinary, religious, and cultural tapestry, it also invited invasion after invasion. The continual outside influence solidified a strong Georgian identity, as well as created a home winemaking tradition. Today, there are more than 100,000 registered home wineries in this tiny country, as well as 500 registered wine companies. There are a staggering 525 grape varieties currently recorded, with 45 in current commercial production. Fifty-thousand hectares are planted to vine across ten official wine regions.

About the Wines of Georgia

Home to more than 525 indigenous grape varieties, Georgia’s wine industry has been transformed from a home cottage industry into an artisanal powerhouse, with winemakers producing some of the world’s most unique and distinctive fine wines using both qvevri and European winemaking methods.

The location of the origin of wine has been determined to be in Georgia and dated during the Neolithic period. In 2016 in southwest Georgia, archaeologists discovered clay vessels containing cultivated grape seeds that were dated to 6000 BC using archaeological, archaeobotanical, climatic, and chemical methods. The results were published in an article, Early Neolithic wine of Georgia in the South Caucasus in November 2017 by the National Academy of Sciences.

Continually, since the 6th century BC, Georgians have made wine in qvevris, giant clay vessels lined with beeswax and buried underground to keep temperatures constant. Winemakers ferment the juice in these vessels, simultaneously allowing the grape skins to macerate with the juice, which turn what many American consumers expect to be white wines into an amber color, and adding tannin to both the resultant amber and red wines. (European vintners ferment red grapes along with their skins and stems to lend them color and tannins, but omit them when making white wine.)

Qvevris are still made by hand by one of Georgia’s five “master” qvevri-making families; there is an ever-increasing demand for wine produced in this tradition, both in Georgia and around the world. This tradition of winemaking defines the lifestyle of families and local communities and forms an inseparable part of their cultural identity and inheritance. In 2013, the United Nations added qvevri winemaking to the UNESCO list of “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.”

The National Wine Agency of Georgia is tasked to preserve the country’s qvevri winemaking tradition, control the quality of all Georgian wines, and promote these wines globally.

2019 7.10

Skin-Contact White Wines, a.k.a. Orange Wine for Beginners


“Amber wine” is the preferred term for skin-contact wines from the Republic of Georgia, where the technique is said to have originated. The traditional method of winemaking used in the region is to let indigenous white grapes like Rkatsiteli and Tsolikouri ferment on their skins undisturbed in clay vessels called qvevri

2019 7.02

Georgian Wine Presented in US Cities


Georgian wine, one of the major parts of the ancient culture of Georgia, has yet another time moved beyond the borders of its homeland. This time, it has been introduced to wider audiences in the USA, in the cities of New York, Chicago and Boston in particular…

2019 6.26 1

Inside LaLou, an Exciting Natural Wine Bar from Some of NYC’s Most Underrated Pros

June 26, 2019EATER NY

They’re now joining forces at LaLou, a breezy space that Campanale says he wanted to create as “a place that was casual but also where you can get a thoughtfully chosen glass of wine.” Campanale is known for exactly, and along with partner Dave Foss, who he met working at Anfora, they have put together a wine selection mainly sourced from European countries. Spain, Italy, France, Georgia, and Austria all make appearances, but there are some American options, too…

2019 6.25

À Côté brings Georgian food, the ‘next big thing,’ to Oakland

June 25, 2019NOSH

All eyes have turned to the Republic of Georgia. In March, Newsweek crowned the country Europe’s “new cultural hub,” and the New York Times included Batumi, Georgia’s third-largest city, on its 52 Places to Go in 2019 list. In a feature for The New Yorker, Lauren Collins observed that Georgian food is “the next big thing,” citing a hospitality trend report declaring it 2019’s “Cuisine of the Year.” Georgian wine is becoming a cellar staple, with imports to the United States growing 54% in 2017 from the prior year…

2019 6.21

Why You Should Be More Daring When It Comes to Wine

June 21, 20195280

Here’s one way to discover Rome: Take guided tours of its architectural wonders, learning their history and marveling at their majesty. And here’s another way: Start walking until you’re lost, wandering neighborhoods where tourists never venture. Both ways are valid, depending on the experience you seek.

By the same token, there’s no question that a rigorous wine education starts with the study of the six noble grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling. They do, after all, make up the majority of the world’s most renowned wines. But there’s also no question, at least in my mind, that a whole other kind of understanding of wine comes from exploring the varieties that are unique to the more obscure corners of the world…

2019 6.13

5 Hottest Spots Every Tourist Must Visit in Georgia


Did you know that wine-making is an integral part of the Georgian culture? If you are a wine lover, you must have come across the phrase “Georgian wine” this has become a known brand across the world. The fact is once you step in your feet in this beautiful country, you just have to visit the local wineries to have a taste. The best wineries in Georgia are located in different parts of the country – Château Lilo, Tbilisi, Chateau Zegaani, Zegaani village, Chateau Mere, Telavi, Winemaking company Wine Man, Tbilisi, Telavi Wine Cellar, Khareba Winery, Kvareli, Shumi Winery, Tsinandali village and these are just a few mentioned out of many that exist in the country…

2019 6.12

7 Best Wine Bars in San Francisco

June 12, 2019NEWSWEEK

This Financial District wine bar has a great concept: every four months, they shift to a new region’s wines, spirits, and foods. So you may pop in for a glass and a bite to eat and find they’re showcasing the wine and food of the Republic of Georgia or the Alps or the Italian region of Abruzzo. It’s always a surprise and it’s always fantastic…

2019 6.8

How to Find Out if Your Wine is Vegan

June 8, 2019LIVE KINDLY

Biomolecular archaeologist Patrick McGovern of the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Anthropology and Archaeology, speculates people in Armenia and Georgia experimented with vinification — the fermentation process that turns grape juice into wine — as early as 7,400 years ago. Remnants of terebinth tree resin, which was used as an early wine preservative, were found on pottery shards in the region. McGovern believes that winemaking may date back even further than archaeological evidence reveals, perhaps even as far back as the Paleolithic era…

5.30.19 Wsj

Confessions of an Orange-Wine Skeptic


The term orange wine was coined only a few decades ago, when producers such as Josko Gravner, the late Stanko Radikon and Aleš Kristan?i? gained recognition for using the skin-contact method in the Friuli region of Italy and Slovenia.

The technique actually dates back thousands of years to the ancient Caucasus. In the area now known as the country of Georgia, people made white wines in much the same way and buried them in clay vessels called qvevri. Some modern Georgian producers as well as Mr. Gravner in Fruili do so today.

2019 5.30

WineInk: Georgia On My Mind – What’s Old is New Again


If I said the words “Georgian wine” to most folks, even regular wine drinkers, I’d likely get quizzical looks as they conjured images of chardonnay or zinfandel made in a state better known for peanuts, barbecue and Dawgs than fine wines.

Well, wine is made in the northern mountain climes of the Peach State, but the wines I’m referring to are from the country of Georgia, a former Soviet state located in the Caucasus region of Eurasia. While a select few American wine lovers have ever tasted the wines of the region, it has become a darling of the wine cognoscenti in recent years…

2019 5.21

Why Wine Shops Will Survive the Online-Shopping Era


  • Americans may be shopping for their Chardonnay increasingly online, but the bricks-and-mortar wine shop still has its place, say professionals in the field.That is because selling wine often means demystifying wine, and it is a process that can be best served by face-to-face interaction with the consumer, said Lorena Ascencios, wine buyer for Astor Wines and Spirits, a prominent retailer in New York…View article >

2019 5.18

Breakthrough Bottles with Ray Isle


What are the wines that changed the way we drink? We know what it means for a wine to taste great, but what does it take to truly change the landscape of wine? Food & Wine Executive Wine Editor Ray Isle takes a look at some of the world’s influential wines—ones that completely changed winemaking technique, heralded the birth of new regions or caught the zeitgeist of the times…

2019 5.07

A Closer Look at Turkish Wines

May 7, 2019FORBES

Some of the oldest wine-making regions are centered around a handful of countries in the Asia and the Middle East. Persia, and its ancient city of Shiraz, has long been considered the epic center of winemaking dating back to approximately 2,500 B.C. Wine production in Georgia and Armenia also dates back centuries…

2019 4.29

Here’s What To Do In NY This Weekend

April 29, 2019HOODLINE

Enlightenment Wines Meadery welcomes you for a taste of Georgia with Darra Goldstein, author of “The Georgian Feast.” Chef Tara Norvell will be preparing a handful of Georgian dishes to welcome spring. There will be special mead and Georgian wine pairings available for purchase at the bar…

2019 4.22

The Culinary Muse of the Caucasus

April 22, 2019THE NEW YORKER

Before long, our stomachs start to rumble for the next big thing. Right now, that is Georgian food. The hospitality-trend forecaster af&co. recently named it “Cuisine of the Year.” The “Dish of the Year,” the company says, is khachapuri, a term that refers to any number of Georgian cheese-filled breads. (The 2018 winners were Israeli food and rotisserie chicken.) As the trend report noted, khachapuri is photogenic…

2019 4.17 1

Everything you need to know to enjoy a traditional Georgian meal

April 17, 2019USA TODAY

If you’re ever so lucky to make it to Georgia, that land sandwiched between the mighty Caucasus, the Black and Caspian seas, Russia and Turkey, it may take you a week to hear that joke but only a day to believe it…

2019 4.12

Wine of the Week: Marani Friends Wine Mtsvane Kakheti 2016

April 12, 2019STAR TRIBUNE

Perhaps the best part of globalization, at least for wine enthusiasts, is the increasing availability of bottles from places like the Republic of Georgia. The Marani Friends Wine Mtsvane Kakheti 2016 ($16) is one of those wines I could smell for days without sipping…

2019 4.09

The Best Wine Vacations for Every Type of Traveler

April 9, 2019VINEPAIR

Known as the “cradle of wine,” Georgia’s winemaking heritage traces as far back as 6,000 B.C.E. Indigenous varietals like Rkatsiteli and Mtsvane are making waves in natural wine bars stateside, but it’s the nation’s skin-contact orange wines, made using traditional Qvevri, that will really appeal to wine geeks. The country’s best oenotourism takes place in Kakheti, home to such wineries as the Alaverdi Monastery and biodynamic Ruispiri. No visit to the Caucasus nation is complete without a stay in the capital Tbilisi, though. While you’re there, be sure to eat your weight in khachapuri, the region’s delicious, decadent cheese bread — another ancient delicacy many trend-seeking Americans are embracing…View article >

2019 4.09

Khvanchkara Winery – A Century on the Market


The FINANCIAL – Khvanchkara is possibly one of the most renowned and best-quality wines in Georgia. Khvanchkara wine draws its name from the village in which it is produced, situated in the Ambrolauri region of Racha, on the right bank of the river Rioni, and protected by high cliffs. This ancient winery can show any tourist that the region of Racha has much more to offer than just its mountains and amazing nature…

2019 4.09 1

The ‘Game of Thrones’ guide to wine

April 9, 2019LA TIMES

As it turns out, there is a huge overlap in the Venn diagram of people obsessed with wine and people obsessed with “Game of Thrones.” This shouldn’t really come as a surprise: We’re all nerds, after all. Some of us spend an entire paycheck on a rare bottle of Loire Cabernet Franc. Others spend that same money on a fur-lined cloak and plane ticket to a fantasy convention in San Diego. We all love to argue about really, really esoteric details, like whether the schist or limestone soils of St.-Chinian produce more expressive wines, or if it’s possible that Mr. Three-Eyed Raven himself, Brandon Stark, is actually the Night King (!!!) and the one who got us into this mess…

2019 4.06

Harvest Time in the Cradle of Wine: A Georgian Culinary Adventure

April 6, 2019ATLAS OBSCURA

Tucked between the Black and Caspian Seas and in the shadow of Europe’s highest mountains you’ll find Georgia—a tiny country with an astounding culinary heritage and a winemaking tradition tracing back eight millennia. We’ll be delving into this appetizing wonderland as spring bursts on the scene in all its seasonal glory—perhaps the most inspiring time of the year…

2019 4.05

We’re Calling It: Orange Wine Is the New Rosé

April 5, 2019REAL SIMPLE

“Orange wine has been around for centuries — it’s been produced in the republic of Georgia for thousands of years, and more recently made in Italy, Slovenia, and even Long Island, NY. It’s been sneaking its way into the menus of trendy restaurants and wine bars for the past couple years but never really had its true moment to glory. Summer 2018 (let’s be honest, summer 2017 and probably 2016, too) was all about that cheerful pink glass of rosé (or even frosé). But it’s official: Orange wine as the go-to drink of this summer. The time has come, the walrus said.”

2019 3.29 1

In Search of the World’s Oldest Wine


WHEN AND WHERE were the first grapes cultivated, pressed, fermented and imbibed? Of the many contenders for that distinction, the following six places are consistently among the most frequently cited. Whether any of these is the true birthplace of winemaking—newly unearthed evidence perpetually upends our understanding of vinous history—we must judge the wines made there now as we would any other, on present merits. The bottles listed here, all notable examples of the countries’ respective styles and winemaking traditions, more than hold their own in terms of quality alongside wines from regions far more widely celebrated…

2019 3.29

Four natural wines to electrify your taste buds, starting at $15


A fifth wine engaged me in a tug of war for three days, but the importer has apparently gone out of business, so I don’t include it here. But I’ll remind you of two of my favorite wines from Georgia: Baia’s Wine Tsolikouri 2017 and Dila-O Rkatsiteli-Mtsvane Dry Amber Wine 2017 (I raved about the 2016s of each late last year) are available at Batch 13 and Potomac Wine & Spirits, among other stores and restaurants in the District…

2019 3.27 1

The Lost Cheeses of Georgia

March 27, 2019SAVEUR

Zurab Chkadua was acting as the tamada, the toastmaster, for a traditional Georgian supra at his house in Lakhamula village in the Svaneti region of northwestern Georgia. The job is sort of like being both a pastor and a quarterback for a dinner party. He had just instructed us to raise our glasses and give thanks. “To our guests at the table,” he said, as we downed ample portions of amber wine in a single go. “We must also be grateful for this treasure God has given us.” He meant the cheese, which his wife, Ira Ansiani, makes in her kitchen, about 10 feet from where we were sitting…

2019 3.27

Meskhetian Khachapuri (Meskhetian-Style Georgian Cheese Bread)

March 27, 2019SAVEUR

Georgian bakers typically achieve this cheese-filled flatbread’s light and airy texture using a simple, unleavened dough that is stretched paper-thin, then layered with melted butter like strudel or phyllo. But according to Carla Capalbo, from whose book, Tasting Georgia: A Food and Wine Journey in the Caucasus, this recipe was adapted, a ready-made, all-butter puff pastry is a quick and toothsome substitute. To approximate the texture and flavor of the local Georgian cheese, a mixture of mozzarella, feta, and Emmental or Jarlsberg is used…

2019 3.21

Behind Portugal’s Traditional Amphorae Wines


Today, though large pots for fermenting wine are made in Italy, the Republic of Georgia, and even Oregon, the art has been lost in Portugal. “You go sleuthing [for talhas] down in the local villages, literally knocking on people’s doors, because they are a vestige of the past,” says Evan Goldstein, a Master Sommelier and president of Full Circle Wine Solutions, which represents Alentejo in the U.S…

2019 3.19

A toast to tradition: DC restaurant hosts family-style Georgian feasts

March 19, 2019WTOP

About a decade ago, Noel Brockett got an education in a subject he never thought he’d study: How to give a toast. It turns out, there’s a lot more to it than raising a glass and calling out “cheers” — especially for a tamada, or toastmaster responsible for leading traditional Georgian feasts, also known as supras. “It’s not as easy as it may look,” Brockett said…

2019 3.15

What to drink this weekend: Saperavi, a noble Georgian red

March 15, 2019WTOP

“It’s made in the contemporary European style, a rich ruby juice ripe with notes of blackberry, good acidity, and a relatively modest alcohol level (12.5 percent) that makes it versatile with food. It also has a spicy oak finish that pairs well with a platter of kebabs, meaty khinkali soup dumplings, game meats, and spicier dishes like beef ostri stew or rustic kharcho soup…”

2019 3.15 1

Georgian Bakery & Café Review: A voyage to the hearth-baked wonders of Georgia in Northeast Philly


The Georgian man was already deep into his chacha brandy by the time he sashayed through the disco-lit shadows of the dining room at Georgian Bakery & Cafe. With shot glass in hand, he sidled up to the table of an Armenian pal and gave a speech toasting the friendship and solidarity of the former Soviet republics. They clinked glasses, linked drinking arms, and downed their shots just as the band kicked in with a Georgian-language version of “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” and a steamy plate of huge khinkali dumplings landed on our table…

2019 3.14 E1595856221510

The Former Soviet Republic of Georgia is the Hot New Place for Travelers in the Know

March 14, 2019NEWSWEEK

No doubt, the truly astute adventure traveller has already started devising their 2019 travel itinerary. Especially appealing for that particular connoisseur of fine wine and high-brow culture this year is the Republic of Georgia. Not only Tbilisi and Batumi, which are already on avant travelers’ radar, but also Tsinandali, long revered as the cradle of viticulture…

2019 3.13

Sulguni from Georgia is Craig LaBan’s Cheese of the Month


Georgian cuisine is unique in so many ways — for its love of walnuts, beans and plums; for its mastery of boat-shaped breads; for its status as one of the world’s most ancient producers of wine. Georgians also have a special cheese culture, and sulguni is at its melty, all-purpose heart. Sulguni is a semi-firm fat disk of brined cheese similar in look and texture to low-moisture mozzarella. It can be made of cow or buffalo’s milk, or a mix of the two, and can also be aged or intensely smoked…

2019 3.08

Wine of the Week: Dila-o Saperavi 2017

March 8, 2019STAR TRIBUTE

A few years back, some folks came to the Twin Cities hawking wines from Georgia (the republic, not the state). The wines were, by and large, forgettable if not lamentable. Not anymore…

2019 3.04

Wine & Spirits Mag Publishes 30th Anniversary Restaurant Issue

March 4, 2019WINE & SPIRITS

The results of Wine & Spirits Magazine’s 30th Annual Restaurant Poll show a wine market in flux, pulled toward high-end tasting menus, value-priced Burgundy, natural wine debates and half-glass pours. This year’s Poll showed that number has nearly doubled, to 143, with bottles of Georgian rkatsiteli and Piemontese timorasso earning sufficient mentions to rise onto the Most Popular wines listings…

2019 2.28 E1595856080147

Can Georgian Wine Win Over Global Drinkers?

February 28, 2019BBC NEWS

The former Soviet state of Georgia is considered to be the birthplace of winemaking. But as it aims to boost exports around the world, will its unique wines be too challenging for most drinkers? I am following two men into a dark cellar that feels more like a tomb than part of a winery. Buried underground are a number of qvevri – large lemon-shaped clay pots full of grape juice slowly fermenting into wine. Each of the containers holds 2,000 litres of juice, which is added together with the grape skin and seeds, and left for six months. It is an ancient form of winemaking that historians say was first used in Georgia in at least 5,980 BC. This makes the former Soviet state, located in the Caucasus region south of Russia, the world’s oldest wine-producing country…

2019 2.27 E1595856052969

Millenials Buy More Wine Online and Want It To Be Organic

February 27, 2019BEVERAGEDAILY.COM

The wine industry is shaping up to be more transparent and international than ever in 2019. Consumers want more local, sustainably sourced wines, but at the same time they are expanding their palates to newcomers on the market from places like Bulgaria, Hungary, and Georgia…

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A Look at Orange Wine Trials at Veritas Winery, Flying Fox Vineyard

February 26, 2019THE CORK REPORT

In May of last year, I went on vacation to the Republic of Georgia. Most people are surprised when I use “vacation” to describe my time there, but for me and, for a lot of people, it’s a bit of a fantasy world. Between the breathtaking beauty, geographic diversity, outdoor activities, history, gregarious and caring people, and delicious and unique cuisine, it has it all — in a one-of-a-kind way…View article >

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Old Vines That Still Make Great Wine

February 25, 2019WINE ENTHUSIAST

Giorgi Natenadze’s vines in southern Georgia are true wild vines, many of which climb up trees and have survived invading armies. Covering approximately 2,476 square miles, the vines take two months to harvest. In conjunction with the Scientific Research Center at the Ministry of Agriculture in Georgia, Natenadze has been credited with the discovery and identification of 24 grape varieties, though 16 others cultivated here remain unidentified. —Mike DeSimone…View article >

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The Georgia Episode: Carla Capalbo and Hsiao-Ching Chou


Georgia is a stunning, but little-known country with one of the oldest wine making traditions and a cuisine that is vibrant and varied by region. Food writer and photojournalist, Carla Capalbo, takes us on a culinary and cultural journey in “Tasting Georgia: A Food and Wine Journey in the Caucasus…

2019 2.12 E1595855327356

Meet The 25-Year-Old Georgian Winemaker Named To Forbes’ 2019 30 Under 30 Europe List

February 12, 2019FORBES

“Georgians have been making natural, biodynamic wine decades before it became a trend. Her wine is an exemplary wine that balances tradition with new-age approachability,” says Steiner, who herself is an alum of the Forbes 2018 30 Under 30 Food and Drink list. “Its bouquet bursts with thyme and soft herbs and it drinks with a savoriness and salinity perfect for the food at Himitsu. The wine is self-contained umami…”

2019 2.04 E1595855315945

Where to Cheers to Women in Wine

February 4, 2019WINE ENTHUSIAST

Forget ladies’ night. If you want to have a drink in support of women and to celebrate Women’s History Month with wine this March, start by drinking quality bottlings made by female winemakers. From wine tastings and paired dinners to monthly showcases and annual special menus, these venues put female-made selections front and center…View article >

2019 1.28 1 E1595855302637

Sulico Wine Bar: Soul Cellar


We have a wine bar in Vera. Its name is Sulico. Wine bars are a relatively new trend in Georgia and about the greatest thing to happen since the invention of the kvevri. And while it is nice to walk into a well-stocked place with a homey, original setting, a good wine bar must know what it is pouring. If it also dishes up enticing eats, consider yourself in paradise on earth…

2019 1.22 2 E1595855277766

2004 Shavnabada Mtsvane: Black Cloak, Amber Wine & Savoriness


An Amber wine that has been aging in a qvevri for 11 years? Color me intrigued!

While perusing the shelves at The Wine Bottega, I found the 2004 Shavnabada Mtsvane, a Georgian wine which had been matured in a qvevri for 11 years. As a huge fan of Georgian wines, including their fascinating qvevri wines, I had to purchase this unique wine. I wanted to experience a wine of this age, to better understand the longterm effect of the qvevri maturation and extended skin contact. It intrigued me on an intellectual level but also ignited my vinous passion…

2019 1.22 1 E1595855292823

Orange [Amber] Wine is Taking Over: But what is it?

January 22, 2019NEWSWEEK

Orange wine is the biggest thing in wine these days, replacing rosé in the hearts of hipsters and wine aficionados…Far from being a new fad, skin-contact wine is the oldest recorded winemaking process in the world, dating back some 8,000 years…Orange wines date originated Georgia, the mountainous Eastern European country that’s been making wine for millennia…”

2019 1.21 E1595855264327

Devour These Local Favorites On An Immersive Culinary Tour Of Georgia And Armenia

January 21, 2019FORBES

Famous for flavorful spices complementing fresh ingredients, the traditional dishes of Georgia and Armenia are the perfect entree into the culture of this undersung region, and an immersive culinary tour may be your best option for exploring new territory in delicious style…

2019 1.19 E1595855251614

Bathe Like Stalin and Make Wine at School in This Quirky European Country

January 19, 2019FODOR’S TRAVEL

When you think of the Republic of Georgia, your mind might automatically go to natural wines and vast vineyards, the trendy capital of Tbilisi, and foods like dumplings and khachapuri. Though these are all musts for any first-time (or—who are we kidding?—all visitors), you might yearn for more under-the-radar adventures. Georgia is about expecting the unexpected; from remnants of the Soviet era, to unsurpassed views, to just plain kitschy, we recommend you seek out these offbeat experiences…

2019 1.18 E1595855803643

Pheasant’s Tears Keeps Georgian Tradtion Alive

January 18, 2019WINE ENTHUSIAST

American artist John Wurdeman is recognized around the world for his paintings and his influential Georgian natural winery, Pheasant’s Tears. His story winds back to when he was 16 years old and became enamored with the region’s polyphonic folk songs. After studying art in Moscow, he came to Georgia. Now, he promotes ancient Georgian wine tirelessly through the winery and his local restaurants, along with his wife, Ketevan Mindorashvili, who is a polyphonic musician and chef, as well as winemaker and business partner Gela Patalishvili.

2019 1.11 E1595855228875

The Best Places to Eat & Drink in Europe

January 11, 2019THRILLIST

Georgia sits in the middle of the ancient spice route between Europe and the Middle East and Asia, so the country’s dishes are imbued with an incredibly rich and unique use of herbs & spices, like cilantro and dried marigold, that are used in combinations not seen in the other individual regions and are layered for bold, but balanced dishes. And the pinch-hitter of those dishes is khachapuri, a boat-shaped pastry filled with a glorious amount of melted cheese and a raw egg. It’s so popular that the country’s trying to trademark it so places like Panera don’t steal it when they realize HOW MUCH BETTER THE BREAD BOWL CAN BE…

2019 1.09 E1595855116723

52 Places to Go in 2019

January 9, 2019THE NEW YORK TIMES

Tbilisi, Georgia’s charming capital, has been flooded with tourists over the past decade. But Batumi, a hushed seaside city where verdant mountains slope down to the Black Sea’s smooth stone beaches, offers a different experience. Already a popular escape for Russians, Iranians, Turks and Israelis, the city is preparing itself for its inevitable discovery by the rest of the world: New hotels — including the Le Meridien Batumi and a Batumi installment of the design-centric boutique Rooms Hotel line — are rising, and a cable car will swing straight to the coast from the hilltop Batumi Botanical Garden. Winemaking is another draw — at the family-run BQ Wine Bar and the underground Karalashvili’s Wine Cellar, which pours the same rosé and amber-hued chkaveri varietals that Joseph Stalin adored. DEBRA KAMIN…

2019 1.07 E1595855196835

The Growing Thirst for Exotic Wine: Georgian wine may go back centuries but a new modern thirst is bringing it into the spotlight

January 7, 2019WINE-SEARCHER.COM

“Wines from Georgia are probably inspiring the most excitement for a variety of reasons. First there’s the history, which has a mesmerizing frisson of danger: in the last century, the country’s 8000 year long wine culture was threatened due to the success of two high-yielding grapes, Rkatsiteli and Saperavi. Their success meant that many of the estimated 1500 varieties under vine a century ago were removed, explains LA sommelier and Georgian wine nut (previously of Spago and Mazzo Restaurant Group, now a consultant at Whole Cluster Beverage and Hospitality and GM of République) Taylor Parsons…”

2019 1.02 E1595855163582

This January, We’re Answering the Call of the Caucasus

January 2, 2019SAVEUR

When René Redzepi, Carlo Petrini, and Yotam Ottolenghi rave in unison about a cookbook, it’s probably worth paying attention to. Enter Tasting Georgia by Carla Capalbo, an anthology of recipes, travel tips, and essays that bring the far-flung Caucasian nation into your kitchen and demystify its distinctive cuisine. Flip through Tasting Georgia’s 463 pages, and you’ll be transported to a place where walnut-thickened stews burble over low fires, glasses of amber wines splosh with resounding cries of Gaumarjos!, and polyphonic harmonies worthy of Carnegie Hall ring out at everyday dinners. Such is the magic of Georgia, one of the most fascinating—and mouth-watering—places on earth. ….

2019 1.02 E1595855179179

The 28 Best, Most Remote, Under-the-Radar Restaurants Around the World


The Crazy Pomegranate, Georgia, is situated in the vineyard of a cult Georgian wine producer…

2019 1.01 E1595855135930

These 12 great wines from around the world cost less than $20 (one is only $9)

January 1, 2019OREGON LIVE

Rkatsiteli is grown in the eastern United States, but its homeland is Georgia, the nation in the Caucasus region that lays claim to being the birthplace of wine. This Dila-O is blended with mtsvane, another native Georgian grape, and is an “amber” wine, fermented on its skins in the traditional style that is enjoying a new vogue, and aged underground in clay qvevri. Alcohol by volume: 13 percent.

2018 12.31 E1595855147744

Four Ways to Learn More About Wines

December 31, 2018FORBES

Concurrent with the fashion for amber wines, Simon Woolf’s highly readable book explores the history and production of the wines in their spiritual homes: Slovenia, Friuli and Georgia. Included is an extensive list of recommended producers across the globe, but Woolf’s primary investigation remains on the countries where skin-macerated wines are the tradition, not the trend…

2018 12.31 E1595854789879

The Best Wines to Drink in 2019

December 31, 2018FORBES

One of the most appealing aspects of wine is that it can transport one to another place, another time or another culture. Therefore, my travel wish list and my wine drinking wish list are much the same. I hope to be exploring and drinking wines from older wine-producing cultures such as Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Armenia, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, and Georgia, while at the same time appreciating the diversity of the more recent wine culture in the United States and the many places whose wines I still need to explore here, including Texas, Arizona, Michigan, Missouri, Colorado and others…

2018 12.27 E1595854739747

Our Top Wine Stories of 2018


Clay vessels have been used to ferment and age wine since ancient times. Neolithic Age wine vessels recently found in the Republic of Georgia were tested and confirmed to be the world’s oldest. “Almost every ancient culture, from the Canaanites to the Egyptians to the Assyrians to the Greeks and Romans, vinified in pottery vessels,” says Patrick McGovern, Ph.D., the scientific director of the Biomolecular Archaeology Laboratory at the University of Pennsylvania Museum in Philadelphia. His team conducted the liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry testing that confirmed the age of the Georgian vessels…

2018 12.19 1 E1595854615386

Georgia on My Mind

December 19, 2018A CAVIAR AFFAIR

“Through the last few years of the amber wine trend, the tiny country of Georgia largely escaped notice outside of insider oenophile circles. Last year, that changed when scientists found evidence of winemaking on 8,000-year-old pottery shards unearthed in Georgia. Wine geeks and archaeologists alike buzzed with the discovery, and interest in Georgian wines spiked. “Hands down, that’s the story,” says …

2018 12.19 E1595854678972

Not That Georgia: New Wines from the Ancient Vines of a New Republic

December 19, 2018WINE & SPIRITS MAGAZINE

“In Leningrad, back in 1990, the Georgian bars were the place to be. While the Berlin Wall was falling, the reality hadn’t really sunk in for most Russians; basic necessities like food and shoes were still hard to come by, and it wasn’t clear at the time if life would get any easier under the new regime. As an American student, I was surprised at the glum mood—except in the Georgian bars, where jazz musicians gathered to jam late at night and eat spicy shashlik, skewers of grilled meat they washed down with tumblers of thick red wine. I’m immediately reminded of that optimism when I walk into Zero Compromise, a wine tasting in Tbilisi devoted to natural wines…”

2018 12.18

Edible Adventures: Georgia on My Mind Trip

December 18, 2018ROSA JACKSON

Last fall, having just returned with a suitcaseful of spices from an inspiring trip to Georgia, I decided to take a group to this former Soviet republic bordered by Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia. When I threw out the idea in my newsletter, I received dozens of e-mails from students, subscribers and friends who were drawn to this off-the-beaten-path food and wine adventure. By chance the seven available spots filled up with well-travelled women, to the delight of our Georgian guide Natalia who had dreamed of organizing an all-female trip.

Our trip took place in early October, just after the grape harvest which happened a little earlier than usual this year due to a sweltering summer. We arrived in the capital just in time for Tbilisoba, an annual festival that celebrates the founding of the capital of Tbilisi. After walking across the Bridge of Peace, an impressive feat of modern architecture, we wandered through Rike Park next to the river, where skillful hands wove garlands with brightly colored flowers. With these in our hair, we suddenly felt much fresher after our long journeys. An efficient cable car costing 1 lari (about 30 cents) took us back across the river, allowing us to wend our way down through Mtatsminda Park, which offers striking views of the city…

2017 12.18 1 E1598466944641

The Renaissance of Natural Wine

December 18, 2018Georgia Today

“For a country like Georgia, that celebrates wine on different levels, it is important to say a few words about natural wine…”

2018 12.13 E1595854525363

Why Georgia’s Wine Industry is Seeing a Renaissance

December 13, 2018FOODABLE

Super fermented natural wines are on the rise. Although these white wines are now trending, Georgia ( the country not the state) wineries have been producing wine this way since the very beginning.

Georgia, the tiny former Soviet republic, is known for its unique white wines and is finally being noticed around the world for them…

2018 12.09 E1595854337964

Why Georgian Wines are Among the Most Unique On the Planet

December 9, 2018FORBES

When archaeologists last year found traces of winemaking on 8,000-year-old pottery shards in Georgia, the tiny former Soviet republic claimed the crown as the world’s oldest wine producer.

It was an affirmation for many long-standing fans of the country and its winemaking tradition, which is ancient and, at the same time, a grassroots movement. Georgia’s hallmark is white wines that stay in contact with their skins, stalks and pips for months and further ferment in huge clay amphorae (qvevri) buried in the ground. It’s a trend that’s caught on elsewhere in the world, but its deep roots lie in Georgian culture…

2017 12.08 1 E1598467425756

Best Bites 2017: Tbilisi

December 8, 2018Culinary Backstreets

…We’re celebrating another year of excellent backstreets eating by taking a look back at our favorite restaurants and dishes of 2017…

2018 12.07 1

A Celebration of Natural Wine

December 7, 2018WINE SPECTATOR

Apart from the aforementioned growers, my highlights included qvevri wines from the Republic of Georgia, like Gotsa Wines and Tibaani. Domaine de l’Ecu from the Loire and Fleury from Champagne also left an impression. Displaying beautiful pure wines in a range of styles were Austrian producers Meinklang, Claus Preisinger, Alexander Koppitsch, Matthias Hager, Johannes Zillinger, Michael Gindl and Maria & Sepp Muster. Among U.S. wines, Donkey & Goat and Maître de Chai from California, Swick from Oregon and Bloomer Creek from New York excelled…

2018 12.02 E1595863684354

RAW WINE FAIR Delights Seekers of Authentic Expressions of Terroir

December 2, 2018BROADWAY WORLD

“The Raw Wine Fair was held in Brooklyn recently and attracted throngs of attendees eager to taste authentic wines from 140 passionate winemakers. The program’s location at a sprawling, industrial space — 99 Scott Avenue in Bushwick — added to the edgy vibe of these sometimes polarizing beverages…” 

2018 11.29 E1595863934317

In Georgia, Life Is A Moveable Feast. Leave It To The Jews To Eat It Up.

November 29, 2018FORWARD

“On a trip to Georgia, while retracing the footsteps of a modernist Russian poet for a dissertation, Goldstein realized Georgian food had to be written about. “People were smiling, there were lemons, there were watermelons, there were sun, and I realized I had to write about it,” said Darra. Georgian cuisine had yet to be officially codified, with the exception of Georgian princess and feminist Barbare Jorjadze’s 1874 offering…”

2018 11.26 E1595864023859

Vinotheca: Ahead of the Pack


“Vinotheca sets itself apart from all the others by having a friendly staff that loves and knows wine. It is also not bound to one specific company and offers a wide range of family as well as larger company wines. There are natural wines, conventionally made wines, some aged in kvevri, others in oak or stainless steel. Their only dogma is that they sell what they like…”

2017 11.13 E1598470148213

Wine From Prehistoric Georgia With an 8,000-Year-Old Vintage

November 13, 2018The New York Times

“Raise a glass to Georgia, which could now be the birthplace of wine. The country, which straddles the fertile valleys of the south Caucasus Mountains between Europe and the Middle East, may have been home to the first humans to conquer the common grape, giving rise to chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon and thousands of other reds and whites we enjoy today.”

2017 11.28 E1598469051320

Earliest evidence of wine found in giant, 8,000-year-old jars

November 13, 2018The Washington Post

“The new research pushes chemical evidence of wine 600 to 1,000 years before the previous oldest estimates. “This is a big time jump,” said Patrick McGovern, an expert in ancient wines at the University of Pennsylvania Museum and an author of the new study. McGovern and his colleagues analyzed pottery jars found in the Eurasian country of Georgia that dated to the early Neolithic period.”

2018 11.11 1

Ancient wine, cheesy bread and getting rat-arsed in Georgia

November 11, 2018THE SPINOFF

“Georgia has beautiful scenery, a fascinating wine scene and the world’s nicest taxi drivers. What’s not to like? If you, like me, are a fan of stunning mountains, delicious wine, dangerous high-speed taxi journeys and cheese bread, allow me to suggest a trip to Georgia… Georgia has a reputation for wine – deservedly so, considering they’ve been making theirs for about 8,000 years…”

2018 11.07 E1595865623235

Why it’s about time you started drinking Georgian wine

November 7, 2018EVENING STANDARD

As “Hewitt says, ‘if you’ve ever been to Georgia, you’ll know how important wine is to them. It’s basically their religion.’ Add in the oh-so interesting native grapes with seriously unique flavours, and the lovely fact that it’s known as ‘amber’ wine rather than Trumpian orange, and really it’s our duty to drink Georgia back to vinous health…”

2018 10.30 E1595866579790

Where to Drink Georgian Wine in America

October 30, 2018FOOD AND WINE

“Whether amber colored skin-contact wines pique your interest, or a Merlot-based Saperavi blend sounds more your style, Georgian wine has something for every palate—and America is interested. Here are some of the United States’ best spots for drinking Georgian, right now...”

2018 10.27 1 E1596465964682

Why you need to try orange wine this autumn

October 27, 2018Evening Standard

“As the season has well and truly turned and amber leaves fall from trees, we’re likely finding ourselves reaching for something more warming than a glass of white wine, yet not quite ready for the hefty reds of the later months. This is perfect orange wine territory, where the pantone of autumn is reflected in our glasses…” 

2017 10.25 1 E1598470836975

Hungry for Travels: Georgia (the country) should be on your mind

October 25, 2018Daily News

Culinary journey in Georgia. “Alongside my khinkali and khachapuri was a simple yet vibrant garden salad consisting of vine-ripened tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, parsley, and a drizzle of a regional nutty tasting oil. With my first bite of the salad I was speechless.” – Blakely Trettenero

2017 10.20 E1598471748441

Tbilisoba – Harvest Bacchanalia for the Whole Family

October 20, 2018Culinary Backstreets

When it comes to fragrances, nothing makes you stop in your tracks and moan in delight more than the redolence of mtsvadi roasting on the coals of grape vine trimmings. It’s the juicy sizzling fat basting the chunks of skewered pork that clinches it and makes whiffing the browning meat just as good as eating it. For one October weekend every year, the entire center of Tbilisi is immersed in wafts of barbecue from perhaps hundreds of hot grills, called makhali, as men, teary-eyed in billows of smoke, turn the skewers in pop-up sidewalk picnic parties. This is part of an annual event called Tbilisoba, a kind of Georgian Oktoberfest, but much cooler.

2018 10.17 1 E1596466037524

5 Secret Wine Regions You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

October 17, 2018Smarter Travel

“…If you had to guess which wine region was the world’s oldest, you’d be right to say it’s in Europe. But you might be surprised to find out that, dating back 8,000years, it’s in a country that many Americans haven’t even heard of: Georgia…”

2018 10.12 E1596466153618

South Africa’s Top Sommelier on Where to Find the Best Wine

October 12, 2018CNN Traveler

Wines from Georgia are the wines that tap “into the identity and history of viticulture…”

2018 10.12 E1596466261632

I Just Can’t Get Georgia (the Country) Off My Mind

October 12, 2018The Daily Beast

“And yet, I was euphoric, having reached the turnaround point of what had been one of the most beautiful hikes of my life in the middle of an adventure-filled visit to one of the “hottest” destinations in the world right now– The Republic of Georgia..”

2018 10.05 E1596466409238

5 wines to try when you’re in the mood to pour something different

October 5, 2018Washington Post

“Skin-fermented white wines, also called “orange” or “amber” wines, are a niche category that continues to grow in number and styles. They may be aged in traditional clay vessels called qvevri for a long or short period, or they may be made in more modern oak and stainless-steel vessels. Here are two available in the Washington area…”

2018 9.18 E1596466536946

Naked and Wild: The All-Natural Wine Scene in Georgia

September 18, 2018Fathom

“But the vibe in wine country is more like Tuscany without the tourists. And the austere Georgian method of turning grapes into wine is bold and beautiful. Out here, indigenous varieties of grape are plucked from the vine, lightly pressed, and stored in enormous beeswax-lined ceramic vessels called qvevri that are buried in the ground, protected for nine months in the stable “womb of the earth.” The process yields zingy, let-your-hair-down whites and reds — more herbaceous, naked, and wild than any of the buttoned-up bottles sold at your local liquor store…”

2018 9.11 E1596466753222

Why Georgia (the country) is the next must-see destination for wine and food lovers

September 11, 2018Matador Network

“The cultural and historical Georgian wine is enormous within the country, but it’s also massively influential to the entire world. Georgia is known as the birthplace of wine altogether and has produced ghvino for 8,000 consistent vintages…”

2018 9.10 E1596466860789

The Oldest Newest Wine Region in the World

September 10, 2018Food and Wine

“Wine here feels woven into the fabric of life in a way that may once have been the case in Europe but isn’t ?really anymore. There’s wine everywhere: at every meal, in every home…”

2018 9.09 E1596466978249

In Georgia, wine is a centuries-old tradition that has brought new appeal to the republic

September 9, 2018Los Angeles Times

“…Georgia is the same latitude as Tuscany and has similar conditions, with warm air from the Caspian Sea to the east and mineral-rich water flowing from natural springs in the Caucasus mountains to the north. These are ideal conditions for growing its 530 varieties of grapes. The quality of Georgian wines is becoming recognized worldwide…”

2018 9.08 E1596467152803

A backpacker’s guide to Georgia: one-month itinerary

September 8, 2018The Guardian

“Tbilisi buzzes with creativity while Georgia’s mountains are a hiker’s paradise with trails that see few visitors. Explore it all with our guide on where to go, what to see and where to stay…”

2018 9.05 E1596467264373

A Guide to Georgian Wine Country

September 5, 2018Conde Nast Traveler

To “taste wine at its source, you need to visit Georgia, the tiny Caucasian nation that’s been making wine longer than anywhere in the world. Here, tongue-twisting indigenous grapes like rkatsitelimtsvane, and saperavi supersede the familiar international varieties, and the most intriguing wines take on an amber hue after mellowing underground in kvevri, beeswax-lined clay vessels…”

2018 8.27 E1596467392764

Ksovrelebis Sakalmakhe: House of Trout

August 27, 2018Culinary Backstreets

“We had no sooner finished unpacking our Tbilisi lives from the car for a Garikula summer, when our neighbor Zakhar stopped by to welcome us with a firm handshake and a bristly cheek kiss. He sat down and immediately told us about a restaurant he had recently visited in Kavtiskhevi, a neighboring village about 12 kilometers away. He was deeply smitten…“Wha!” he boomed. “The fish, straight from the river! Trout! Delicious! Come on, let’s go. I’ll bring my wine!””

2018 8.24 E1596467501365

Georgia – a New Frontier in Gastronomic Tourism

August 24, 2018Georgia Today

“Earlier this week, the Georgian National Tourism Administration (GNTA) announced a new strategy for increasing the number of tourists visiting Georgia to experience the country’s food and wine. Gastronomic tourism, they say, has enormous potential for the country with the world’s oldest unbroken tradition of cultivating wine grapes and the home of the world famous, Brooklyn-popularized ‘cheese boat’ (Adjaruli khachapuri). GNTA says its new initiative aims to put Tbilisi on the map as a fine-dining destination…”

2018 8.21 E1596467627208

Why Thinking About Wine Without Borders Is The New Way To Approach Wine

August 21, 2018Forbes

“The adjective “borderless” evokes images of doctors working tirelessly in conflict-addled regions without concern for political boundaries. So, what is “borderless wine”? That’s the question I posed to Peter Weltman, a San Francisco-based sommelier, author, and global thought leader in wine…”

2018 8.02 E1596468157832

4 Orange Wines to Try If You’ve Never Heard of Orange Wine

August 2, 2018The Manual

The biggest difference you’ll find in orange wines compared to their white wine counterparts is the flavor, as well as body and structure, where they’ll be closer to red wines. Orange wines are often made using very natural processes, which allow for oxidation (among other things), that in turn create sour or funky flavors more often than not.

2018 7.25 E1596468256265

Seven Questions About Qvevri You’re Too Embarrassed to Ask

July 25, 2018VinePair

“Located on the border of Eastern Europe and Asia, Georgia has an astonishing 8,000-year-old winemaking history. Central to the nation’s oenological heritage are its skin-contact qvevri wines, widely consumed by those in Georgia and neighboring countries for millennia. Thanks to a growing worldwide trend of “natural” winemaking, the category’s undisputed OG is now garnering international attention…”

2018 7.18 E1596468356461

Georgia on my Mind

July 18, 2018Wonder Lust Travel

“Qvevri making…’The process is laborious and time consuming. As each layer is added [the qvevri maker] scores the edges of the inner wall of the qvevri, and then simultaneously uses his right shoulder to drive, and his forearm to twist, the clay into the scored area. All the while his left hand is gently pressing inwards on the outer wall to make sure the new clay maintains shape. This is an art…’”

2018 7.12 E1596468475259

Georgia Beyond Tbilisi: Recollections of Roads Less Travelled

July 12, 2018Suitcase Magazine

“The name Georgia is said to derive from a Persian word meaning “land of the wolves”. Indeed, the fabled canine is a fitting representation of a country that is the subject of both myth and legend, at once wild and graceful. Its capital, Tbilisi, is a cultural meeting point of vivid tradition and youthful vision, but despite the city’s increasing popularity among global travellers, there’s a world beyond that. Escape the city and discover a land marked by ancient prosperity and modern occupation; a land that is still governed by history and ritual in many ways; a land of warm characters and compelling personalities; a land of wolves…”

2018 7.11 E1596475081244

Your Ultimate Guide to Wines From Central and Eastern European Indigenous Grapes

July 11, 2018VinePair

“Indigenous grapes are special, though… Wines made from the indigenous grapes of the former Communist nations in Central and Eastern Europe are increasingly gaining worldwide recognition. Historically and sociopolitically, it’s a major development…”

2018 7.07 E1596475217435

Georgian wine: An 8,000-year-old tradition is popping corks around the world

July 7, 2018Dog-Eared Passport

”With a latitude similar to Tuscany and Bordeaux, [Georgia] has mild winters and 2,300 hours of sun a year (Remember, nighttime hours are part of the cycle.). Natural springs come from the nearby Caucasus mountains which are covered in snow all year round. The humid air coming from the Black Sea to the west allows the growth of 530 unique grape varieties…”

2018 7.04 E1596475697212

EBRD and EU promote Georgia’s agritourism potential

July 4, 2018The Financial

“…It is said that for agritourism to thrive, visitors need three things: something to see, something to do and something to buy. The charming village of Mukhrani, only a 30 kilometre drive from Georgia’s capital Tbilisi, ticks all three boxes. Enshrouded in greenery, it combines the history of the Georgian royal family with well-preserved remains of an antique Roman city, according to EBRD…”

2018 7.02 1 E1596475830887

CB Film Club: Emily Railsback

July 2, 2018Culinary Backstreets

Georgia’s winemaking tradition has been making headlines since scientists announced, after 8,000-year-old jars bearing images of grape clusters and a man dancing were excavated in a dig south of Tbilisi, that the country is home to the world’s oldest wine.

But long before this discovery was made public, filmmaker Emily Railsback and award-winning sommelier Jeremy Quinn were traversing Georgia to research the rebirth of these ancient winemaking traditions, which were almost lost during the period of Soviet rule. Railsback chronicled their deep dive into the world of family vintners and grape sleuths in the documentary Our Blood Is Wine, an official selection of the 2018 Berlinale International Film Festival.

2018 7.02 E1596475903898

Why You Should Be Paying Attention to Georgian Wine

July 2, 2018Wine Enthusiast

“A vast array of undiscovered grape varieties, a vinicultural heritage that dates 8,000 years and production methods that render wildly unique wines make the former Soviet republic of Georgia, the “it” region for adventurous wine lovers.”

2018 6.27 E1596476025794

It’s the world’s oldest winemaking region, but how’s the wine in Georgia?

June 27, 2018Adventure.com

“Laying claim to an 8,000-year-old winemaking heritage (the world’s oldest) and over 500 native grape varietals, the small, ex-Soviet country of Georgia is a surprising destination for oenophiles…”

2018 6.21 1 E1598370012519

Wine Walk: Wines from the country Georgia trace back 8,000 years

June 21, 2018The Houston Chronicle

“However, not many know of the wines of the country of Georgia. They were well within the Iron Curtain and isolated from the world. The wines of Bulgaria trace back 6,000 years, but the wines of Georgia trace back 8,000 years. The mention of the ancient traditions of vine growing and high quality winemaking in Georgia can be found in the works of Homer and Apollonius of Rhodes…”

2018 6.20 1 E1598370117660

Nine Wines From Georgia, Croatia and Hungary

June 20, 2018Wine Enthusiast

“When discussing Old World winemaking countries, talk almost automatically turns to France, Italy or Germany. But winemaking can actually be traced back thousands of years to Georgia where the traditional clay qvevri are usually buried during fermentation and aging…” 

2018 6.18 1 E1598370239146

Tbilisi hosts 49th General Assembly of Association of International Sommelleries

June 18, 2018Agenda.GE

“Georgia’s capital of Tbilisi is hosting the annual 49th General Assembly of the Association de la Sommellerie Internationale, announces the Georgian National Wine Agency. The General Assembly days will continue in Tbilisi on June 18-22 and several important events are planned for these days: an international session on the characteristics of the Saperavi wine variety, a wine tasting of the best qvevri wines, a master-class on Georgian wine and other activities…”

2018 6.12 E1598370317373

Tbilisi hosts WinExpo Georgia 2018 wine and spirit fair

June 12, 2018Hvino news

The WinExpo Georgia is only trade exhibition in South Caucasus region, presenting full range of wine industry products and services. The 11th WinExpo is a 3-day event being held on 14-16 June, organized by ExpoGeorgia and supported by Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia

2018 6.11 E1598381785360

Why You Should Consider Ditching Rosé and Drinking This Instead

June 11, 2018Greatist

“…[T]hough orange wine may be new to some, it’s hardly new. Orange wines have been made in Georgia (the country, not the state) for thousands of years…”

2018 6.07 E1598382353490

36 Hours in Tbilisi

June 11, 2018The New York Times

“Gourmands, partyers and aficionados of art and architecture (and shopping) will find no end of riches in the East-meets-West capital of Georgia…”

2018 6.06 E1598382433104

Day Drinking, Pt. 2: The New Wine Festival

June 6, 2018Culinary Backstreets

The eighth New Wine Festival welcomed over 130 family winemakers and 100 companies this year. These “small companies have been instrumental in generating a global buzz on Georgian wine…”

2018 5.30 1 E1598383176309

How Producers are Returning to Winemaking’s Roots

May 30, 2018Wine Enthusiast

Producers all over the world are going back to winemaking’s roots by reviving the age-old practice of aging wine in clay pots, a method that creates exceptional bottles you are going to want on your shelf.

2018 5.30 E1598382835659

Resilience and Post-Soviet Identity Politics Are in Every Glass of Georgian Wine

May 30, 2018VinePair

“Wine is the means of social life, the means of merrymaking, the means of getting together as families, friends, relatives, and guests,” [Lado Uzunashvili] says. “To respect your guests you must offer your wine. To make friends with a Georgian, go and drink a bottle of wine with him, then he will open his heart to you.”

2018 5.22 E1598383611648

Day Drinking: Zero Compromise Natural Wine Fair

May 22, 2018Culinary Backstreets

The “Zero Compromise Natural Wine Fair, a festival celebrating vintages whose grapes were grown organically, with no yeasts or sulfites added in the cellar. This is pure, unadulterated nectar, the way the gods intended wine to be made, and much like Georgians have been doing it for 8,000 years…”

2018 5.16 E1598383760277

Why an Ancient Winemaking Technique is Making a Comeback

May 16, 2018Seven Fifty Daily

“Clay vessels have been used to ferment and age wine since ancient times. Iron Age wine vessels recently found in the Republic of Georgia were tested and confirmed to be the world’s oldest…”

2018 5.14 E1598385031304

9th New Wine Festival held in Tbilisi

May 14, 2018CBW

The 2018 New Wine Festival welcomed 236 small estate vintners among its participants.

2018 5.14 1 E1598451968174

International Wine Challenge Awards over 90 Wines from Georgia

May 14, 2018CBW

During the 2018 ”International Wine Challenge…Georgia won 5 gold, 25 silver, 37 bronze, and 27 “commended” awards. Over 20 Georgian wine companies were represented at the contest…”

2018 5.12 E1598452045366

New Wine Festival being held in Tbilisi

May 12, 2018Agenda.GE

The goal of the 9th annual New Wine Fair, was “to promote Georgian wine, improve wine education and enhance consumption culture in Georgia…”

2018 4.30 E1598452143188

Why Georgia (The Country) Is The Next Great Food And Wine Destination (Part II)

April 30, 2018Forbes

Enjoying the food, wine and hospitality of Georgia within the capital city of Tbilisi (as described in Part I of this article) is just the beginning — to really experience all the country has to offer, the wine regions are worth the journey. Along the way you’ll experience Georgia’s natural beauty, the monasteries and churches that dot the hillsides and rivers — even monasteries that make wine — and learn the ways of the Supra, a true Georgian feast.

2018 4.18 E1598452231996


April 18, 2018Atlas Obscura

Georgians have been making wine for 8,000 years. Today, vintners in the Eastern European country still make their singular wine with methods that have been passed down over hundreds of generations. The tool central to this preparation is the qvevri.

2018 4.12 E1598452310710

Why Georgia (The Country) Is The Next Great Food And Wine Destination (Part I)

April 12, 2018Forbes

There is wonderful hospitality around the world — and then there is Georgian hospitality. So for your next food, wine and cultural vacation, there is no better place to travel. Here are the main reasons to start saying “madloba” and “gaumarjos” and get yourself to Georgia.

2018 4.02 E1598452850912

Jefford On Monday: Georgia – the tasting challenge

April 2, 2018Decanter

“Amber qvevri wine is “deeply coloured, more or less tannic, relatively fruitless, low-acid, usually unoaked wine with a fascinating spectrum of other notes and allusions, and with great mealtime aptitude…”

2018 3.27 E1598454626896

Review of “Our Blood Is Wine”: A Film about Georgia Qvevri Wine

March 27, 2018Wine Economist

Our Blood is Wine is worth seeking out for what it teaches about Georgia, history, culture, politics, and of course wine. One of the best wine documentaries of recent years.

2018 3.26 E1598454704537

Jefford on Monday: Georgia – finding its path

March 26, 2018Decanter

“[Georgia] has an extraordinary patrimony of indigenous varieties, and unique wine-making techniques, too, unchanged for a millennium or more; these have proved seductively interesting for the natural wine movement worldwide…” 

2018 3.26 E1598454955313

How to Toast in Tbilisi: Georgian Food Is Nothing Without ‘Supra’

March 26, 2018Fodor’s

In Georgia, toasting is much more than just “cheers!”

2018 3.16 1 E1598456067398

Film Review: Our Blood is Wine

March 16, 2018Film Journal

“Beautiful doc journey into rustic, remote areas of the Republic of Georgia where humble families continue ancient, unique winemaking techniques. A pleasure for wine, nature and travel lovers alike…”

2018 3.16

Review: The Art and Tradition of Georgian Winemaking in Our Blood Is Wine

March 16, 2018Third Coast Review

“Each family interviewed has a unique history of survival and revival, and you can see how much of their soul they put into each bottle, even those bottles that stay with the family and are never sold.”

2018 3.15 E1598456557730

Experts’ Choice 2018: Tbilisi wins Best Emerging Destination

March 15, 2018Trip Expert

“Travel experts from National Geographic, The Guardian, and Rough Guides agree that now is the time to visit the Georgian capital. Tbilisi’s rich history dates back, according to legend, over fifteen hundred years. The city, which has been influenced by countless cultures and been part of many empires, remains intrinsically itself while striving to embrace change…”

2018 3.15 E1598456640486

Review: In ‘Our Blood Is Wine,’ Raising Glasses to Tradition in an Ex-Soviet State

March 15, 2018The New York Times

‘Our Blood is Wine’ movie review – “Eagerly accompanied by the sommelier Jeremy Quinn, Ms. Railsback scours the country to discover a reinvigorated culture of independent vintners and ancient traditions…”

2018 3.06 E1598456733456

What is Rkatsiteli?

March 6, 2018The Back Label

Rkatsiteli is notably used to make a traditional Georgian wine. The Qvevri wines of Georgia are produced using some incredibly old winemaking techniques which date back to the dawn of winemaking

2018 2.27 E1598456843449

Bina 37: WIne Cellar in the Sky

February 27, 2018Culinary Backstreets

Bina 37: WIne Cellar in the Sky

2018 2.25 E1598456933985

Natural wine lovers don’t need to dig deep for a tangerine dream

February 25, 2018The Times, UK

“[Amber wine] was unlike any wine made from white grapes, in my experience, with an aroma of quince and marmalade and nuts, a hint of oxidation maybe, and a slightly bitter taste. I was trying to get my head around it when the winemaker said: “Try this one. It spent 22 days on the skins.””

2018 2.25 E1598457037255

Why Georgia is a hotspot for natural wines

February 25, 2018The Guardian

The qvevri’s ubiquity is more than quaint tourist-board marketing. It’s a symbol of just how proud the Georgians are of being the oldest winemaking country in the world: in November last year, archaeologists on a dig south of Tbilisi uncovered fragments of qvevri with residual wine compounds dating back 8,000 years. 

2018 2.24 E1598457249638

‘Our Blood Is Wine’ documentary to be released in USA (with video)

February 24, 2018Hvino news

“The documentary titled Our Blood Is Wine, premiered this month at the Berlin Film Festival, will be released in select US theaters starting March 9th. Our Blood Is Wine is about families in Georgia who revive 8,000 year old winemaking traditions that were almost lost during the era of Soviet domination. Our Blood Is Wine is directed by American filmmaker Emily Railsback, making her feature debut after a few other short docs previously…”

2018 2.20 E1598461729441

7 Wild Wines from Central & Eastern Europe You Need to Czech Out Now

February 20, 2018BonAppetit

“…But once you taste these wines, they are impossible to forget. They have striking acidity, impressive fruit, low alcohol, playful juiciness, and a nearly lusty dryness. I can’t help but clamor for them, and I’m not the only one…”

2018 2.20 E1598461806805

New book by American master of wine to promote Georgian wine

February 20, 2018Agenda.GE

“The history, culture and potential of Georgian winemaking and viticulture will be described in a new book which will be written by American master of wine, Lisa Granik. The famous wine professional is in Georgia for over a month, visiting family cellars and wine companies in different parts of the country, learning as much as possible about Georgian wine and its history to put all the information in her new book…”

2018 2.16

Saperavi World Prize 2017 announces results, awards Grand Prizes

February 16, 2018Hvino news

“The Grand Prize winners are: Saperavi winemakers from Australia – Grand Gold, USA – Grand Silver; Kazakhstan – Grand Bronze. Wines of best-known Georgian variety from all over the world were judged in Georgia for the first time at SapPrize contest…”

2018 2.08 E1598462119283

Exec Chef Set on Taking Georgian Restaurant Industry to the Next Level

February 8, 2018Georgia Today

“I’ve discovered some incredible wine here. I’m a real fan of the Qveri wine; I’d never seen that anywhere else in the world. It’s really nice to drink and cook with, or to make some cocktails with. It is completely different from what, as a foreigner, you think of when you think about wine. It’s a lot more complex, and that’s what I like: what I’m looking for in wine is the same as in food: different tastes, temperature, some bitterness, sweetness, herbs. My way of cooking is a balance of taste, texture, color. You have that in Georgian wine too, which is really interesting.”

2018 2.02 E1598462205179

Why Georgian Qvevri are so efficient at making natural wine

February 2, 2018The Buyer

“Raw, low-intervention, hand-made, artisanal, craft – when it comes to ‘naturally’ made wines, the vinicultural lexicon is as rich as it is imprecise. All of these descriptors are variously employed to distinguish wines made with minimal interference or the use of additives…In Georgian winemaking, however, there is a clear and important defining feature and that is the Qvevri.”

2018 1.30 E1598462321599

Why Black Wine is going Viral on Instagram

January 30, 2018VinePair

“Why black wine is going viral on Instagram?” – “these inky wines are actually some of the world’s oldest juice, made from an ancient, deeply pigmented red grape.”

2018 1.29 E1598462422809

The Embassy Series: Chacha – Georgia’s Native Spirit

January 29, 2018Bourbon and Banter

“Winemaking is one of the great sources of Georgian pride…besides having the historical record of making wine for millennia, what is truly special about Georgian wine is the methodology and variety..”

2018 1.29 3 E1598462713543

Georgian Wine Agency Presents Wine Development Strategy

January 29, 2018Georgia Today

“Georgian Wine Agency presents wine development strategy to include “diversification of export markets, development of the local market, and sustainable viticulture, wine tourism…”

2018 1.29 1 E1598462799598

Meet the Importer Waging a Grassroots Campaign for Georgian Wines

January 29, 2018Edible Brooklyn

“Wine importer: two simple words that conjure thoughts of a glamorous life of traveling, strolling through vineyards and swirling stemware. For Brooklyn’s Chris Terrell this reality is a bit different, though; as the sole employee of Terrell Wines, his regular work involves riding a bicycle while spreading the word about small, independent natural winemakers in an Eastern European country that’s almost become a second home…”

2018 1.29 2 E1598462872495

The 2018 Art of Eating Prize Longlist

January 29, 2018The Art of Eating

“Tasting Georgia” cookbook by Carla Capalbo is one of the 12 books selected for the exclusive ‘Art of Eating’ prize 

2018 1.28 E1598462963774

Taking Craft Wine to the UK: English Grapes in Georgian Qvevri

January 28, 2018Georgia Today

“‘Project Marani’ is a venture by Artisan Cru … Founded by Henry Mchedlishvili, Ian Cole and Joe Simms, they have correctly realised that the Georgians have an 8,000 year tradition of what could anachronistically but effectively be marketed as ‘craft’ wine production, and seek to create a hybrid wine using English-grown grapes fermented in Qvevri…” 

2018 1.26 E1598463052111

Wine Grape Study Guide: Georgia

January 26, 2018Snooth

“The country of Georgia has produced wine for more than 8,000 vintages. While spending a recent week there it was easy to see how deeply embedded wine is in the nation’s culture. More than 500 native grape varieties exist and their production methodologies are distinct…” 

2018 1.25 E1598463137664

COLCHIS: Georgian tourism is on the cusp of greatness

January 25, 2018Intelli News

“2018 may turn out to be yet another banner year for Georgia’s blossoming tourism industry. The newest darling of the international traveller set, Georgia is winning global acclaim with speed and aplomb, earning rave reviews and confident endorsements from a climbing stack of international media and travel outlets…”

2018 1.15 E1598463549945

Why wine lovers should visit Tbilisi in 2018

January 15, 2018Georgia Journal

Well-known English lifestyle newsletter, Evening Standard, uncovers the reasons why wine lovers should visit Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia in 2018.

2018 1.15

Tbilisi: State of the Stomach 2018

January 15, 2018Culinary Backstreets

“We used to boast how Georgia’s food culture was one of the world’s best-kept secrets, but the word is out and we’re good with that…”

2018 1.14 E1598464056912

How the history of wine has been rewritten – in Georgia

January 14, 2018Dante Magazine

As the slogan says, “if you think of wine, think Georgia”. And now we are saying it can trace its wine industry back to the early Neolithic period.

2018 1.11 E1598464167982

“Saveur”: Meet the Georgian winemaker who sleeps in his cellar and makes wine the old-school way

January 11, 2018Hvino news

Wine has been an essential part of Georgian way of life for thousands of years. It’s something Georgians have always known but now have proof: a recent study show that wine-making in Georgia goes back at least to 6,000 B.C.

2018 1.11 1

All 48 European Countries, Ranked by Food/Drink

January 11, 2018Thrillist

Georgia sits in the middle of the ancient spice route between Europe and the Middle East and Asia, so the country’s dishes are imbued with an incredibly rich and unique use of herbs & spices, like cilantro and dried marigold, that are used in combinations not seen in the other individual regions and are layered for bold, but balanced dishes. 

2018 1.06 E1598464524154

Travel blog suggests 25 interesting things to do in Tbilisi

January 6, 2018Global Goose

“…Vogue raves about the “Brooklyn-esque undertones” and the “young creative class.” There’s the hearty and delicious food, the beautiful architecture and the fascinating history. This city is located at the crossroads of Eastern Europe and Western Asia and it has been influenced by the Arabs, Ottomans and Russians over the centuries…”

2018 1.06 1 E1598464621161

Alice in Wine Wonderland

January 6, 2018Wine-Searcher

Georgia – the country not the state – now has validation to their world’s oldest wine region claim.

Proof was discovered just 30 miles south of Tbilisi. Carbon dating excavated pottery jars containing wine traces linked to 5980BC left the previous oldest, Iran, in the dust by about 1000 years. But in a world where people race to be the biggest, the best, or the oldest, I thought Georgia already had something far superior. Tenacity.

2018 1.05 1 E1598465905652

Georgian Wine Exports Hit 30 Year High

January 5, 2018The Drinks Business

Georgia’s wine exports in 2017 reached their highest level for 30 years, with 76.7 million bottles of wine worth about US$170 million shipped to 53 countries, the Georgian National Wine Agency has announced.

2018 1.04 1 E1598465992982

Record number of Georgian wines exported in 2017

January 4, 2018Agenda.GE

“Georgia exported 76.7 million bottles of wine to 53 countries in 2017 – a record number of wine in the past 30 years, announces the Georgian National Wine Agency…Last year Georgia generated about $170 million from the sale of wine abroad.”

2018 1.03 1

A regional guide to khatchapuri, the world’s greatest cheese bread

January 3, 2018Eat Sip Trip

Ask a European about Gerogian cuisine and you’ll probably hear more about wine, cheese and khatchapuri. The Republic of Georgia, in the heart of the Caucasus, has a rich culinary history – and is commonly believed to be the birthplace of modern wine – but until recently, most American cities were completely devoid of Georgian food. In recent years, however, food from Georgia has started creeping its way onto the American palate, thanks largely to khatchapuri.

2018 1.02 1 E1598466167461

Where to Go in 2018

January 2, 2018Bloomberg

“…We’ve scoured the globe for the most