Map displays only wineries listed below. Use "Next" and "Previous" to view additional results.

Map displays only wineries listed below. Use "Next" and "Previous" to view additional results.

Find producers throughout Georgia’s winemaking regions and appellations.

We are proud to have almost 250 Georgian wine producers listed in this directory. As of the spring of 2020, 120 of these wineries have partnered with US importers for distribution in the U.S. market. And the community is growing each month.

Learn more about these winemakers, their ancient traditions and their very dynamic wines. For importers who are seeking wines that have not yet been introduced to the US market, please contact georgia@marqwine.com for a complete listing.

If you are seeking natural wines, please look for "Member of the Natural Wine Association".


Gurjaani Cellar 1

1929 Gurjaani

Region: Kakheti
Appellation: Gurjaani

This historic winery was established in 1929 in Kakheti, located in the ancient village of Gurjaani. 1929 Gurjaani owns 3…

Aguna Grapes 2 1

Aguna Georgian Wine Company

Region: Kakheti
Appellation: Akhasheni, Gurjaani, Kindzmarauli, Mukuzani, Tsinandali

Aguna Winery is one of the oldest winemaking companies in Georgia as they have been producing wine with traditional Georgian…

Akhmeta Qvevri

Akhmeta Wine House

Region: Kakheti

Founded in 2014, Akhmeta Wine House seeks to uphold their family practice of winemaking along with traditional Georgian winemaking methods.…

Alapiani 1 Thumb

Alapiani Winery

Region: Bolnisi, Kakheti, Kartli

Alipiani’s Marani was founded in 2011 by three long-time friends. They produce natural wines with traditional Georgian methods. They dry…

Alaverdi Monastery

Alaverdi Monastery Marani

Region: Kakheti
Appellation: Kardenakhi

Alaverdi Monastery Marani is a remarkable place where the history is tightly bound with the modern world. Alapiani Winery The…

Maisuradze2 Thumb Grapes


Region: Kakheti

Alazani is located in the Kardenakhi Village in Georgia’s Kakheti region. The history of the winery originates from the 19th…

Aleksandreuli1 Thumb Grapes

Aleksandreuli LTD

Region: Racha

Alexandreuli LTD was founded in 1998 and has been preserving the culture and traditions of Georgia by producing quality wines…

Alexander1 Thumb

Alexander Distillery

Region: Kartli

Alexander Distillery specializes in traditional Georgian qvevri wines, Old World style wines, and hand-crafted small batch blended whiskey, chacha, and…

Alexanders Wine Cellar Qvevri

Alexander’s Wine Cellar

Region: Kakheti

Alexander’s Wine Cellar returns to the family’s ancestral winemaking history, farming 1.5 hectares of land organically and making the wine…

Amiran Vineyards 2

Amiran Vepkhvadze’s Wine Cellar

Region: Imereti

Amiran Vepkhvadze’s Wine Cellar farms grapes with organic practices and traditional Georgian methods, making dry wines with varied tastes and…

Anapea Vineyards


Region: Kakheti

Anapea is a small vineyard and winery committed to preserving the traditional qvevri method, as well as ecologically sound practices.…

Ancestral Wine Cellar Guests Faces Tasting

Ancestral Wine Cellar

Region: Kakheti

Founded in 2015, Ancestral Wine Cellar has a mini-hotel, ethnographic and wine tasting spaces and verandas overlooking the Alazani valley…

Andro Thumb Vineyard2

Andronikashvilis Marani

Region: Kakheti
Appellation: Akhasheni

Andronikos I Komnenos was the emperor of Byzantium from 1105-1183, and during his exile from Constantinople he settled in Kakheti.…

Antadze Vineyards

Antadze Winery

Region: Kakheti
Appellation: Kakheti, Manavi

Founded in 2006, Antadze Winery produces traditional Georgian wine with all organic methods, farming grapes over 3 hectares of vineyard.…

Apogios Qvevris

Apogios Cellar

Region: Kakheti
Appellation: Vazisubani

Apogios Cellar proudly upholds the traditions of Georgian winemaking, producing wine in qvevri with ancient methods. The winery’s location in…

Archil Owner Face

Archil Guniava Wine Cellar

Region: Imereti

Archil Guniava Wine Cellar is a small Georgian family winery in the western Imereti region of Georgia. The family has…

Art Gvino Qvevris

Art Gvino Ltd.

Region: Kakheti

Art Gvino has been producing natural, organically-sprayed wines since 2016. Vineyards are located in the village of Artana in the…

Artana Vineyard Flowers

Artana Wines

Region: Kakheti

Artana Winery was founded in 2014 to carry on the family winemaking tradition, and continues to produce the organic Kvevri…

Artanuli Gvino Owners Faces

Artanuli Gvino Wines

Region: Kakheti
Appellation: Napareuli

Founded in 2006, Artanuli Gvino prepares wine with traditional Georgian methods, all from local grape varietals. All vineyards are farmed…

Artevani Bottle Display


Region: Kakheti
Appellation: Kakheti

Unique terroir red wines under the brand Artevani are made in Georgia’s historic Kakheti region from the organically grown Saperavi…