Armazuli Feat

Gocha Kvinikadze, has been engaged in family winemaking since the age of 7. In 2016, the large construction company that he co-founded, went bankrupt. After thinking about the further development of his labor activity, Gocha came to the conclusion that it was better to focus on agriculture because outside of business his only other passion…

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Sevsamora Winery


Sevsamora winery (Marani) was founded in 2015, cellar is furnished with modern Bucher Vaslin equipment. This is a place where modern winemaking technology and centuries-old traditional methods of winemaking are combined harmoniously. Marani Sevsamora is producing Bio – Organic wines with traditional methods in qvevri, as well as classical wines. In the area of the…

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Napheri Feat

In 2018, they established a family winery, called Napheri. There are 15 qvevri in the winery, and they only produce natural qvevri wines. Their vineyard is absolutely organic.

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Tedzami Wines

Ted Feat River

Tedzami Wines is a small winery on only 0.5 hectares, which is located at Garikula village, in the region of Shida Kartli. The name “Tedzami” is a tribute to the terroir of this area, which is developed a magnificent view along the Tedzami valley and river. This winery started in 2016 by producing Chinuri and…

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Aragvispiri Wine Cellar

Arag Featured Pano

Aragvispiri has been producing wine since the year 2009.  At the beginning, they were experimenting with different sorts of grapes such as Kisi(Kakheti), Khikhvi(Kakheti), Chardonnay(Kartli), Cabernet(Kartli). They produce wine the classical and traditional way. Our cellar located in the Dusheti region village aragvispiri. We use a grape crushing/grape stem removal machine. As a result, clean…

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Alcoholic Beverage Factory

Alcoholic Beverage Factory (ABF) produces cognac spirits and cognac, with more than ten years of representation in the markets of the Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and other countries of CIS, the Baltic States, Italy, France and etc. The company was founded in a factory in Napareuli, not far from the city Telavi, a vibrant center of…

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Shermadini Winery

Shermadini Winery is a family winery oriented towards the production of organic Kvevri wine. The vineyards belonging to the winery are located in the Kakheti, Gurjaani and Akhmeta micro-zones. In accordance with the standards of organic viticulture, only those biologics that are certified by the European Union are used in the fight against various pests…

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Madam Wine

Founded in 2010, Madam Wine prides itself on creating wine from the oldest traditional Georgian grape varieties with an all-women background. Madam Wine emphasizes the way Georgian wine culture is so interrelated with the important symbolism of the female figure, as the two bring health and beauty to the community. Georgian women have been working…

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Khidistauri Wine Cellar

Founded by local winemaker David Kokashvili, Khidistauri Wine Cellar produces fine natural wine with traditional Georgian methods, cultivating local grape varieties organically. Khidistauri is a member of the Natural Wine Association.

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Kapistoni Winery

Kapistoni wines are natural and made with the best grapes from the harvest. Their grapes are carefully handpicked and come from vineyards that were planted free of artificial chemical agents. No filtration or additives are used in the production of Kapistoni wines. The family has been making wine for seven generations, and throughout this time…

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