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Sevsamora winery (Marani) was founded in 2015, cellar is furnished with modern Bucher Vaslin equipment. This is a place where modern winemaking technology and centuries-old traditional methods of winemaking are combined harmoniously.

Marani Sevsamora is producing Bio – Organic wines with traditional methods in qvevri, as well as classical wines. In the area of the complex, guests have the possibility to visit our wine museum, which consists of conference and tasting halls, a wine cellar, and a wine salon where guests have opportunity to taste our wines.

In the end, our Ethno area is the best place for those, who have a desire to participate in traditional masterclasses and get acquainted with Georgian cuisine. The surrounding area of the cellar consists of demo vineyards where rare grape varieties are cultivating, it can be considered as a vineyard museum where you will discover Georgian endemic grape varieties which are almost forgotten.


Village Saguramo, Georgia


Sevsamora Winery owns approximately 10 hectares vineyards, half of them are officially Bio certified. They are also purchasing grapes from Kakheti and Lechkhumi.


Dali Chokheli
Tel: +995555487332
E: [email protected]


Not yet represented in the U.S. market.

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