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Shermadini Winery is a family winery oriented towards the production of organic Kvevri wine. The vineyards belonging to the winery are located in the Kakheti, Gurjaani and Akhmeta micro-zones. In accordance with the standards of organic viticulture, only those biologics that are certified by the European Union are used in the fight against various pests and diseases. For making and storing wine, the ancient and unique clay vessel – Kvevri – is used. Kvevri wine is the final product of alcoholic fermentation of grape must with certain quantity of pomace (grape skins, stalks and pips), for refinement and further extract. Kveri wine gets dark straw-yellow, golden or pale-yellow color, and it is sparkling and transparent, characterized by fruit tones and moderate content of tannins. Furthermore, it is naturally stable. Grapes are handpicked in its optimal conditions of ripeness and gently transported form the contracted vineyards, from the Kakheti region to Shermadini winery, where the company produces up to 4,000 bottles annually.


Village Gori, Gori Municipality, Region Shida Kartli, Georgia


Shermandini is located in the Kartli region in Georgia, north of the capital Tbilisi near the Caucasus and Georgia’s eastern Kakheti region famous for its wine production. Natural wine production thrives in Kartli as various rare grape varietals are cultivated there.


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