Terroir Presents: The Wines of the Newest Wine Land to Hit the Wine Big Time, GEORGIA.

September 28, 2021

the newest wine land…uhmmmm, lest we forget, maybe it was actually Noah and his crew who actually
first planted this land with vines after the Great Flood. Further truth being told, it was the very first thing Noak did after the ark came upon dry land: he planted a vine AND grew grapes AND harvested those grapes AND made wine AND drank the wine…the results of this consumption led to another biblical tale
(we will save that conversation for a late night session together).

Tuesday (yes, this coming Tuesday!!!),
September 28th, 2021
8:00pm – 10:30pm

-a walk-around tasting of 25 wines, accompanied by yummy foodstuffs
-a deep dive conversation with the master blaster of Georgian wine, Lisa Granik MW*
$68.00 all inclusive

Tickets available HERE
-all guests will need to show proof of vaccination

-this tasting will be one of those tastings…
one in which all of your senses will be tingled and your wine brain will be challenged
(this land has over 500 unique varieties, all of which I cannot pronounce properly)
-yes, we will dig deep into amber wines (or orange wines, as my mom calls them)
-yes, we might bob for apples in a qvevri (after I learn how to throw some clay on my potter’s wheel, of course)
*Lisa Granik is an indomitable wine spirit, a Master of Wine, whose recent book, The Wines of Georgia, is the definitive text on this winescape.
There is no greater exponent of these wines and absolutely no better wine story teller than Lisa
(yes, yes…we will be selling her book at the tasting as, apparently, one cannot even buy it on Amazon now)
-if all goes well at this tasting / celebration of all things Georgia, maybe, just maybe, the country’s name might actually morph into its new form: Sakartvelo

We very much look forward to seeing you, for our first vinous gathering, in two years.