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Simon Chkheidze Cellar’s goal is to sustain their family’s traditions and contribute to the development of natural viticulture and winemaking in Georgia, which it has carried out faithfully since its founding in 2005. White wines are produced in the Imeretian method, where only the juice of the grapes is fermented and aged in qvevri; whereas rosé and red wines are fermented with the addition of the skins (no stems) during initial fermentation for 3-4 days, after which they are racked off. Vineyards sit at 220-280 meters above sea level.

Simon Chkheidze’s Wine Cellar is a member of the Natural Wine Association.


Village Obcha, Baghdati Municipality, Region Imereti, Georgia


Simon Chkheidzes vineyards are planted at 220-280 meters above sea level, on southern-facing slopes of alluvial-carbonic soil. Tsolikouri, Tsitska, Krakhuna, Chkhaveri, Aladasturi, and Otskhanuri Sapere grape varieties are grown in the family’s estate. Otskhanuri Sapere grapes are planted in the “Olikhnari” method, where each vine is trained up and attached to a separate wooden post, making the use of metal or wire in the vineyard unnecessary. The winery sits beside the flowing Lukhuta River in the mountainous Imereti region.


Simon Chkheidzes Wine Cellar
Village Meore Obcha, Baghdati Municipality, Region Imereti, Georgia
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