The history of Giuaani wine began in 1894, while the company Giuaani was officially founded in 2010. One of the main objectives of the company was to increase the level of Georgia’s wine production as the company managed to combine the old, traditional methods and modern technological advances in its final products. The Giuaani Winery is equipped with traditional pitchers, oak barrels, and ultra-modern equipment.
Giuaani Winery selects different grape varietals grown in the ancient village of Manavi, and then proceeds to produce wine using both traditional and modern methods. Giuaani’s high-quality assortment of wines will satisfy customers with many varied tastes. Traditional Georgian wine flavors as well as modern, classic wine tastes and aromas are easily recognizable.

The company is focused on quality and its production capacity is limited, so it can offer its customers 400,000 bottles of superior wine each year. Both local and international experts are employed to ensure the highest quality of wine is produced. The company’s main goal is to improve their wines in such a way they become beloved, favorites, and indispensable to all of their patrons.


Village Manavi, Sagarejo Municipality, Region Kakheti, Georgia


Giuaani Winery is located in the heartland of Georgian wine production in the Caucasus region of Kakheti, where their ancestors have produced wine for centuries. Giuaani Winery was built with the use of modern technological advances, while taking into account the old traditions such as using clay jugs (qvevri) to produce our unique amber wines.


Village Manavi, Sagarejo Municipality, Region Kakheti, Georgia
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