Dato’s Wine/Dato Kobidze Wine Cellar




Dato’s Wine is the name of David and Tariel Kobidzes’ Family Cellars. The family vineyards are located in Guria, in the village of Erketi, Chokhatauri municipality. The local climate, the fertile soil, the grape varieties, and the ancient tradition of winemaking allow the production of natural wines made from unique local grape varieties. They have a rare vineyard with 40-year old Aladasturi vines.

Kobidze’s Family Cellar is a member of the Natural Wine Association.

Currently, they are producing three types of wine:
Chkhaveri amber, made from variety Chkhaveri, only juice fermented
Chkhaveri rose, made from variety Chkhaveri, fermented on berries
Aladasturi red, made from Aladasturi, fermented on berries


Chokhatauri, Guria, Georgia


Dato's Wine (Kobidzeebis Family Cellar) is located in the Guria region in western Georgia, where the humidity from the nearby Black Sea meets the mountainous air from the Caucasus to create a fertile winemaking climate. The winery rests in the mountains just south of the Supsa River, which flows into the Black Sea.


Mr. Davit Dato Kobidze
Dato's Wine / Korbidzeebis Family Cellar
Village Erketi, Choktauri Municipality, Region Guria, Georgia
+995 591 551 895
[email protected]


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