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Vardiashvili family has been producing qvevri and cask wines from Saperavi and Rkatsiteli grapes using Georgian ancient traditional methods for almost 30 years. With many decades of special interest in vineyard care and winemaking, continuous refinement of methodology and technology, the constant pursuit of quality and taste, and accumulation of experience, since 2018, Vardiashvili Wine Cellar offers all wine-loving people the branded wines created and aged with Georgian traditional experienced technology.

Vardiashvili Family’s vineyards are located in the center of 2 strictly controlled winemaking micro-zones – „Mukuzani“ and Vazisubani“. These terroirs have a very small area and include a certain segment of land in only a few villages radius. “Mukuzani” micro-zone unites only a few villages and due to the special features of this terroir, the best Saperavi grapes are grown here, from which the unique red dry wine is made. Excellent white dry wine is made from Rkatsiteli grapes ripened in the “Vazisubani” micro-zone. The grapes grown in the Rkatsiteli vineyard located in this terroir are especially high in natural sugar and rich in flavors.

The word “Vardiashvili”, the surname of this family, in the Georgian language, means as follows – “VARDI” – rose; “SHVILI” – son. Traditionally, the Vardiashvili family has always been associated with roses throughout the village, as there were many roses in the yard of their house, and one rose was always planted at the top of every row of Vardiashvili’s vineyard. This is exactly why their wine cellar and wines are named “Vardiashvili” – The Son of Roses, even though the wine production process has no connection with roses at this family wine factory.


Village Vazisubani


Vardiashvili Family Wine has three hectares of vines. Terroir, where their vineyard is located combines two strictly controlled winemaking micro-zones (PDO), Mukuzani and Vazisubani.


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Joni Jikia
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Not yet represented in the U.S. market.

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