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Founded in 2015, Tsereteli Wine & Spirits uses centuries-old vinification techniques combined with the latest technology that meets the modern requirements of the international market. The company’s name honors the world-renowned Georgian painter, sculptor, and architect Mr. Zurab Tsereteli; his artwork is featured on their wine labels and their exhibitions often collaborate with his gallery showings. Tsereteli Wine is proud to produce the finest quality natural wine and spirits from Georgia and they hope to expand in local and international markets alike in the coming years.


Tbilisi, Georgia


Tsereteli Wine & Spirits has their offices located in the nation’s capital and business center Tbilisi, where over 8,000 years of history and cultural richness are alive today. The winery has vineyards located in nearby regions including in the eastern Kakheti region, which is famous for its history of wine production and it’s fertile climate for the cultivation of several unique grape species endemic to the region.


Tsereteli Wine & Spirits
7 Nikoladze N. Street, 0108
Tbilisi, Georgia
+995 577 997 070
[email protected]


Not yet represented in the U.S. market

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