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Tevza Winery was founded in 2018 by Goga Tevzadze on his home property in the mountains of the Mtskheta region, where he is pioneering the new winemaking wave in Georgia of micro-cuvee wine, or boutique wine. Goga Tevzadze has worked many years in the wine industry, currently still associated with the National Wine Agency, and has founded the Artisan Distillers Movement in Georgia.

Tevza Winery has managed up to six tons of grapes in 2018 and producing up to 3,800 bottles of Chinuri White, Goruli Mtsvane White, and Shavkapito Red. All grape varieties are local to the Kartli region, and in 2019 the company bottled 8,360 kg of grapes and produced up to 5,000 bottles. All processing is under the highest standards to ensure the finest quality of production.


Village Saguramo, Mtskheta Municipality, Region Kartli, Georgia


Saguramo is a small village situated in the east-west mountain range in eastern Georgia, located immediately to the north of the city of Tbilisi. The region has excellent conditions for viniculture, winemaking, and wine tourism. Goga Tevzadze’s family owns their qvevri cellar on their property, where they produce wine in limited additions.


Tevza Winery
VillageSaguramo, Mtskheta Municipality, RegionMeskheti, Georgia
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