Lagvinari is a small natural winery located in Kakheti by Eko Glonti. A medical doctor turned geologist by profession, Eko is committed to using sustainable Georgian farming methods and ancient winemaking techniques to preserve Georgia’s rich cultural heritage.

In addition to planting and tending his own vineyards using only indigenous grape varieties, Eko works closely with artisan grape growers in both eastern and western Georgia.

Eko founded Lagvinari in 2010 because of his love for pure, traditional Georgian wine and winemaking. Lagvinari produces all of its wines in qvevri—without filtering or fining. The wines are kept in the qvevri until bottling. Eko favors lengthy periods of skin maceration because, he said, “all the benefits and all the goodness are concentrated in the skins of the grapes.” Because Georgians often view wine as being born, not made, they call the qvevri a “womb for wine.”

All great wines begin in the soil. Eko is passionate about soil health and approaches soil as he would a human with diagnosis and developing a treatment plan to restore soils for optimate vine health using biodynamic practices.  This allows the wines to tell the stories of the natural rocks and minerals.

“We try our best to give voice to the rocks of the Caucasus, the rocks of Georgia, the place where winemaking was born,” Eko said. “Those are stories that deserve to be heard.”

Lagvinari is listed in many Michelin star restaurants and at the famous Hedonism wine shop in London.


Village Bakurtsikhe, Gurjaani Municipality, Region Kakheti, Georgia


Lagvinari is located in Georgia’s eastern Kakheti region overlooking the fertile Alazani River Valley and the Caucasus Mountains to the north. The region’s climate offers perfect conditions for the cultivating of various ancient grape varietals indigenous to the region, which have been revived by local winemakers as they preserve the region’s winemaking history today.


Doctor Eko Glonti
Village Bakurtsikhe, Gurjaani Municipality, Region Kakheti, Georgia
+995 577 546 006
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