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Imedi 96 Wine was founded in 1996 in the city of Gori in the northwestern Shida Kartli region of Georgia, not far from the capital Tbilisi.

The winery has been updated with the latest modern technology while upholding the historical Georgian traditions of winemaking that date back thousands of years.

Imedi 96 harvests and produces all their wines with organic processes and no additives or pesticides, while imposing strict quality control so to produce the highest quality wines with their unique flavors.

The company also produces several Georgian brandies in addition to their wine.


Village Gori, Gori Municipality, Region Shida Kartli, Georgia


Imedi 96 Wine is located in Georgia’s historic Shida Kartli region, just north of the Mtkvari River. The winery sits about 580 meters above sea level and enjoys hot summer with an average of 600mm rainfall annually; these climate conditions cultivate several rare grape varietals in the region. Imedi 96 Wine is approximately 70 kilometers from Georgia’s capital Tbilisi, the nation’s business and cultural center.


Imedi 96 Wine
Aleksandre Javakhishvili St. #2a
Village Gori, Gori Municipality, Region Shida Kartli, Georgia
+995 790 110 070
+995 551 006 651
[email protected]


Not yet represented in the U.S. market.

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