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Find producers throughout Georgia’s winemaking regions and appellations.

We are proud to have almost 250 Georgian wine producers listed in this directory. As of the spring of 2020, 120 of these wineries have partnered with US importers for distribution in the U.S. market. And the community is growing each month.

Learn more about these winemakers, their ancient traditions and their very dynamic wines. For importers who are seeking wines that have not yet been introduced to the US market, please contact for a complete listing.

If you are seeking natural wines, please look for "Member of the Natural Wine Association".



Region: Racha

Khvanchkari wine factory was established in 1927 by Dimitri Kipiani, now known as Khvanchkara, though the company’s beginnings were far earlier. In the 1880’s, Kipiani, a Georgian noble, began the wine making process with a semi-sweet red wine, from Alksandrouli and Mujuretuli grape varieties. He entered this wine in a 1907 competition in Osten, Belgium, where it won the Grand Gold Prize.
With the condition of the present market economy, the governmental regulation of Georgian wines and their names, the main goal of the Company is to introduce their famous Khvanchkara wine to the foreign market, and to the Georgian market as well. Khvanchkara LTD’s wine is bottled in their exclusive black glass, which is produced solely in The Czech Republic. Due to the outstanding design of the bottles, Khvanchkara wine, manufactured by Khvanchkara Ltd, can be easily distinguished from products of other manufacturers and prevent falsification. The wine company is committed to producing the finest quality authentic Georgian wines.

MAIN Khvedelianebis Landscape Scenic

Region: Racha
Appellation: Khvanchkara

Khvedelianebis harvests local grape varieties to produce Georgian wine with traditional methods passed down for generations. The winery has vineyards in two neighbor villages and seek to continue producing the finest natural Georgian wine with organic processes. Khvedelianebis Marani is a member of the Natural Wine Association.

MAIN Khvtisia Grapes

Region: Kakheti
Appellation: Gurjaani

Founded in 2015, Khvtisia Wine Cellar aims to produce the finest natural wine with traditional Georgian methods passed down for centuries. They grow and harvest all grapes organically with no additives and with thorough ecological cleanliness, operating over a 1 hectare territory farming the Rkatsiteli and Saperavi grapes. Kvtisia Wine Cellar is a member of the Natural Wine Association.


Region: Kakheti
Appellation: Kakheti

Founded in 2001, the vineyards and winery are situated in the heart of the historic wine region of Georgia in Kakheti. This unique location and terroir enables the company to produce over 20 varieties of wine, including the infamous appellationz Kindzmarauli, Mukuzani, Kakhetian Royal, and Tsinandali. Kindzmarauli Marani wines have been on the international marketplace for almost a decade. Many wines produced by Kindzmarauli Marani have achieved international recognition on various wine competitions all around the globe throughout these years. The current range of products of Kindzmarauli Marani includes over 23 brands of high-quality wines.

Kirile1 Thumb Qvevri 1

Region: Imereti

Kirile Wine Cellar produces natural wine with traditional Georgian methods, in Qvevri. Vineyards are cultivated over a total area of 0.8 ha, in four plots. Kirile tends the local vines Otskhanuri Sapere, Tsolikouri, and Tsitska. The winery is located at 120-150 meters above sea level, in climate conditions favorable for the production of these local grape varietals. The company currently makes two types of wine, with 1,000 bottles of Tsitska-Tsolikouri (mixed) and 500 bottles of Otskhanuri Sapere produced annually.


Region: Kakheti
Appellation: Kindzmarauli

Koncho & Co. LTD is the daughter company of the joint stock company, Corporation Kindzmarauli, and is run by the Konchoshvili family. The name implies the longstanding integration between church, family, and winemaking, as Koncho translates to cross. During the 19th century, Bishop Petre Konchoshvili was a prominent religious and political figure who kept up the family winemaking business; today it lives on as Koncho & Co.

MAIN Kortavebis Cellar

Region: Kakheti
Appellation: Kvareli

Formed in 2014, the Kortavebis Marani owns 2ha of vineyards; with a special section dedicated to growing rare grape varieties. The wines of Kortavebis Marani are made in the traditional Kakhetian style – in qvevri; and in the European style – in qvevri and oak barrels.
Kortavebis Marani is a member of the Natural Wine Association.

MAIN Kostarov Picnic Qvevris

Region: Kakheti
Appellation: Kindzmarauli

Kostarov Family Winery thrives due to the combined diligence and experience of two families taking care of vineyards and making natural wines in qvevri. All land is family-owned and operated in the Kindzmarauli appellation, and wines are made using the traditional Georgian winemaking method and bottled unfiltered.

MAIN Kvareli Cellar Landscape Scenic

Region: Kakheti
Appellation: Kindzmarauli

Founded in 2001, Kvareli Cellar aims to bring traditional Georgian wine to international markets and revitalize the natural wine scene. The winery is equipped with the latest modern technologies to ensure strict quality control and the finest products, bottling European style wines as well as cognac. Kvareli Cellar produces 12 types of high quality wines and a brandy with its own unique recipe, made with Georgian spirits, which is remarkable for its exceptional aromas and distinctive taste. The winery exports to USA, Ukraine, Belarus, China, Czech Republic and Azerbaijan.

Lagazi Vineyards Thumb

Region: Kakheti
Appellation: Kakheti

Founded in 2013, Lagazi is a family wine cellar located in village Zemo Alvani where wine is made according to Georgian traditional method – in qvevri. In the Lagazi family wine cellar guests are acquainted with traditional methods of winemaking in qvevri, offered natural wine made from rare local grape varieties, and offered lunch with traditional Georgian dishes.

The main aim of their wine cellar is to produce pure and to revive the production of wine from forgotten indigenous vine varieties.

Lagazi is a member of the Natural Wine Association.

Lagnivari Family Faces Thumb

Region: Kakheti
Appellation: Kakheti

Lagvinari is a small natural winery located in Kakheti by Eko Glonti. A medical doctor turned geologist by profession, Eko is committed to using sustainable Georgian farming methods and ancient winemaking techniques to preserve Georgia’s rich cultural heritage.

In addition to planting and tending his own vineyards using only indigenous grape varieties, Eko works closely with artisan grape growers in both eastern and western Georgia.

Eko founded Lagvinari in 2010 because of his love for pure, traditional Georgian wine and winemaking. Lagvinari produces all of its wines in qvevri—without filtering or fining. The wines are kept in the qvevri until bottling. Eko favors lengthy periods of skin maceration because, he said, “all the benefits and all the goodness are concentrated in the skins of the grapes.” Because Georgians often view wine as being born, not made, they call the qvevri a “womb for wine.”

All great wines begin in the soil. Eko is passionate about soil health and approaches soil as he would a human with diagnosis and developing a treatment plan to restore soils for optimate vine health using biodynamic practices.  This allows the wines to tell the stories of the natural rocks and minerals.

“We try our best to give voice to the rocks of the Caucasus, the rocks of Georgia, the place where winemaking was born,” Eko said. “Those are stories that deserve to be heard.”

Lagvinari is listed in many Michelin star restaurants and at the famous Hedonism wine shop in London.

Lapati Chinuri Grapes Harvest Thumb

Region: Kakheti
Appellation: Atenuri (or Ateni)

Lapati was established by natural wine makers Vincent Jullien and Guillaume Gouerou, to produce wine with local grape growers in a natural and environment-friendly way using the traditional Qvevri wine-making method. They completed their Marani (traditional Georgian cellar) in Sagarejo, Kakheti in 2015 and currently produce about 3,500 bottles.

Everything is made in qvevri. Naturally sparkling wines that comprise more than half the production and still wines are made with biologically farmed grapes.

Lapati is a member of the Natural Wine Association.

Lasha Gurulis Grapes Thumb

Region: Imereti

Founded in 2015, Lasha Gurulis Family Cellar maintains their tradition of winemaking that has been in their family for generations. The vineyard produces natural wine with historical Georgian methods, harvesting local grape varieties organically and remaining true to the communal element of Georgian wine culture—Lasha Gurulis Cellar holds celebrations and invites guests to experience Georgian hospitality. They sell their wine in several bars and shops throughout Georgia, including in the capital Tbilisi.

Lasha Gurulis Family Cellar is a member of the Natural Wine Association.

Leskos Guests Meal Faces Thumb

Region: Kakheti

Lesko’s Marani produces fine Georgian wine with traditional qvevri methods dating back to the Bronze Age. The winery is family-owned and operated, and all grapes are harvested with organic processes and processed to ensure the best quality natural wine.

Levanis 1 Thumb

Region: Kakheti

Levanis Marani manages an 80 year-old small vineyard on their property, tending a 0.25 hectare territory. The family has been making wine for many generations as their ancestors, grandparents, and great-grandparents made wine with traditional methods in qvevri.

Loladze Grapes 2 Thumb

Region: Meskheti

Founded in 2012, Loladze Family Winery combines modern methods and technologies with the Georgian traditional winemaking. As the winery intends to increase the volume of their production, they do so while focusing on the quality of their wines, as well. The Loladze Family Winery intends to bring a wide range of Georgian natural wines to its consumers and hopes to expand in domestic and international markets in the coming years.

Lomtadzeebis Baskets Wheelbarrows Thumb

Region: Kakheti
Appellation: Gurjaani

Lomtadzeebis Cellar, which was built in 1905, has maintained the traditional Georgian methods of winemaking for the past centuries and strives to produce the finest natural wine still today. They use all organic processes in their harvesting of Rkatsiteli and Saperavi grape varietals. The family still owns 24 qvevri from the 1900s to use for their wine production.

Lomtadzeebis Cellar is a member of the Natural Wine Association.

Lukasi Tasting Faces 2 Thumb

Region: Kakheti
Appellation: Kakheti

Lukasi is a boutique Georgian winery founded in 2011 by the family of Katevan Gersamia and Mamu Dolidze. The winery is named in honor of their son, Luka. The Lukasi vineyards are located in various microclimate zones throughout Georgia. The Lukasi wines are deeply Georgian, yet at the same time they reflect a European sensibility.

Lukasi’s first vintage was a Saperavi 2013 which won a gold medal in the Georgian wine expo competition. In a very short time, the Lukasi’s wines have gone on to win numerous awards both in Georgia as well as internationally. Reflecting a deep sense of tradition, yet modern in style, the Lukasi portfolio is one of the most notable in Tbilisi.

MadamWine1 Thumb Grapes 2

Region: Kartli

Founded in 2010, Madam Wine prides itself on creating wine from the oldest traditional Georgian grape varieties with an all-women background. Madam Wine emphasizes the way Georgian wine culture is so interrelated with the important symbolism of the female figure, as the two bring health and beauty to the community. Georgian women have been working as winemakers as early as the 1800s, and Madam Wine seeks to continue their success in producing traditional wines of the highest quality.

Maisuradze1 Thumb Vineyards

Region: Kakheti
Appellation: Akhasheni, Mukuzani

Maisuradze Wines, also known as Athena LTD, is a newly opened boutique-type wine cellar in Kakheti. The main purpose of the company is to produce high quality and small quantities of wine. Famous winemaker David Maisuradze puts the best Saperavi, Mukuzani, and Ais Vine in Georgia using a mixture of modern and ancient methods. The company uses its own vineyards with all grapes cultivated in Kakheti.

The company exports internationally to East Asian markets, seeking to expand globally and share Georgia’s rich traditional wine with the world.