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Find producers throughout Georgia’s winemaking regions and appellations.

We are proud to have almost 250 Georgian wine producers listed in this directory. As of the spring of 2020, 120 of these wineries have partnered with US importers for distribution in the U.S. market. And the community is growing each month.

Learn more about these winemakers, their ancient traditions and their very dynamic wines. For importers who are seeking wines that have not yet been introduced to the US market, please contact for a complete listing.

If you are seeking natural wines, please look for "Member of the Natural Wine Association".


Oda Winery Building Thumb

Region: Samegrelo
Appellation: Khvanchkara

Founded in 2015, Oda Family Winery seeks to revive rare local grape varieties and produce fine natural Georgian wine with traditional methods. The grapes are harvested organically and the family offers wine tasting and authentic Georgian cuisine to guests, providing family hospitality to welcome newcomers into the Georgian culture.

Oda Family Winery is a member of the Natural Wine Association.

Okros Grapes Thumb 1

Region: Kakheti
Appellation: Kakheti

Founded in 2004, Okro’s Wines focuses on producing fine natural wine from regional Eastern Georgian grape varieties. All Okro’s wines are made with traditional Georgian techniques, and grapes are harvested organically with no chemical additives. Six Georgian varieties of grapes are grown on Okro’s 5.5-hectare estate: Rkatsiteli, Mtsvane, Saperavi, Budeshuri, Tsolikouri, and Tavkveri. The winery also offers a restaurant with rich Georgian cuisine.

Okro’s Wines is a member of the Natural Wine Association.

Orgo Family Faces Thumb

Region: Kakheti
Appellation: Kakheti

Orgo, also referred to as Teleda, is an artisan winery located in Eastern Georgia that specializes in the 8,000 year old Georgian Qvevri wine making tradition and sources all their grapes sourced from at least 50 year-old vines. Making wines from old vines in Georgia is a rare and difficult project since during soviet times most older vines were ripped up and replaced so as to produce more grapes.

Orgo’s work is a labor of love and is one of the rare examples of old vine Georgian wines. The concentration of the old vine grapes and the skill of the winemakers is a unique combination for Georgian wines. Orgo produces distinct visions wines that follow the ancient Georgian qvevri style but raise it to new heights of elegance. The winery is in association with several other producers in the region including Vita Vinea.

Ori Grapes Harvest Thumb

Region: Kartli
Appellation: Atenuri (or Ateni)

Since the winery’s establishment in 2017, all grapes have been sourced from small family growers who pay a lot of attention to detail. Ori Marani gives priority to vineyards using organic growing and management practices. Grapes come from Shida Kartli, Kakheti and Imereti regions.

The philosophy of Ori Marani is to utilize Georgian and authentic winemaking techniques. Ori Marani means ‘2 wineries,’ in Georgian. This approach is translated into the winemaking techniques as well – the wines undergo fermentation in the Qvevri and aging in old French oak barrels.

Grapes are hand harvested and fermented on their indigenous yeast to preserve terroir identity. The wines are unfined and unfiltered, with a minimal amount of sulphur used before fermentation and at bottling.

Orovela Vineyards 3 Thumb

Region: Kakheti
Appellation: Kakheti

Orovela was established in 2001 for the purpose of producing high-quality craft wines and spirits. It embraces independent artisan values, combining ancient traditions with modern, state-of-the-art technology. In 2014, Orovela greatly expanded its capacity by creating a new production facility adjacent to its vineyards, complete with a custom-built pot and column combination still for chacha and other spirits.

Our Wine1 Thumb

Region: Kakheti
Appellation: Kardenakhi

Our Wine was founded in 2003 as “Prince Makashvili Cellar” by a community of natural winemakers with the purpose of producing high-quality natural wine using old Georgian traditions of viticulture and wine production. Renamed in 2010 as Our Wine or “Chveni Gvino”, the company presently owns 5.5 hectares of vineyards in Georgia’s eastern Kakheti region, where they harvest all grapes with organic processes.

Our Wine is a member of the Natural Wine Association.

Palavani1 Thumb Qvevri

Region: Kakheti

The history of Palavani wine production begins in 1743, when King Erekle II of Kartli-Kakheti established vineyards in what is now the village of Kistauri. Almost a century later, the vineyards were still popular and run by a descendant of the king, who offered the fruit of Georgian vines to the Major General of the Russian Army, Kiazo Eristavi, in 1888. He loved it so much that he brought it to the Tsar Alexander III, who at that moment rejected all foreign wines, vowing to drink Georgian wine for the rest of his life. Under Sovietization, the vineyards were transferred to state control, due to increased demand for wine, and production was increased in 1954. After the collapse of the USSR, the winery and vineyards were renewed by Anzor Kibrotsashvili, a world-renowned Georgian judoist.
Palavani wines are created using the grapes from their own 120 hectares, in addition to grapes produced by local growers. The winery is equipped with the latest modern technology and is capable of producing 2,500 bottles per hour. In addition to this high-production bottling facility, Palavani hosts a modern laboratory for carrying out a wide range of necessary physical and chemical analyses.
Palavani takes its mission seriously–to meet the demands of the international market–and envisions the promotion and dissemination of Georgian wines across global wine markets. Its current exports are focused in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, China, Hong Kong, and some European nations, though it hopes to continue expanding further.

Papari1 Thumb Owner

Region: Kakheti
Appellation: Akhasheni

Papari Valley has been a family farm since its founding, releasing its first commercial vintage in 2015. Estate-grown and bottled wines are made in the Kakhetian wine-making method, with naturally occurring yeast fermentation and aging in qvevris. Papari Valley has 21 qvevris and makes it their mission is to find the best methods of combining Georgian Qvevri and modern wine-making techniques. They aim is to preserve and save the idea of the Qvevri wine, farming Saperavi and Rkatsiteli grape varietals over 9.3 hectares of vineyard.

Pataridzeebis1 Thumb Harvest Scenic

Region: Racha

Pataridzeebis Rachuli, founded in 2015, has been cultivating grapes over their 1.5-hectare territory since 2008, and have produced up to 2000 bottles annually since. All wine is processed with organic methods, by hand, and by the family. Pataridzeebis Rachuli participates in international wine exhibitions and is a member of the Natural Wine Association.

PheasantsTears1 Thumb Winery

Region: Kakheti
Appellation: Kakheti

Founded in 2007, Pheasant’s Tears produces artisanal natural wines with ancient Georgian techniques, growing rare endemic grape varieties and harvesting with organic processes. Their name comes from a Georgian tale in which the hero claims that only a wine beyond measure could make a pheasant cry tears of joy, and with family winemakers that have been making wine for 8 generations as well as Georgia’s rich soil, Pheasant’s Tears strives to meet this standard.

They are a member of the Natural Wine Association.

Qimerioni Grapes Thumb

Region: Kakheti

Founded in 2011, Qimerioni produces traditional Georgian wine true to its historic wine region while also valuing Georgian arts and culture around its brand. The company’s name comes from the historic artistic cafe established in Tbilisi in 1919 by a group of renowned Georgian poets and artists for community events including poetry reading, exhibitions, and art performances. Qimerioni seeks to uphold these traditions while making the best quality Georgian natural wine, and they have produced as many as one million bottles annually.

Qvibari Vineyards Thumb

Region: Kakheti
Appellation: Kakheti

Qvibari Wine Cellar owns vineyards in the western Imereti and Kartli regions of Georgia as well as their territory in the eastern Kakheti region, where their location sits in the fertile Alazani River Valley south of the impressive Caucasus Mountains. The company sells their products in Georgia’s capital Tbilisi.

Rachuli Picnic Vineyards Thumb

Region: Racha

Rachuli Wine LTD has been producing wine for over a century, as it previously was a state enterprise before becoming privatized in 1995. It then changed its name from Chrebalo Winery and continues growing grapes in the Racha region, where all vineyards are harvested with organic practices to prepare the finest quality natural wine. Rachuli Wine has its main office in Tbilisi.

Revazishvili1 Thumb Vineyards

Region: Kakheti

Revazishvilis Wine seeks to create fine Georgian natural wine that is ecologically pure and a standout in the bio-wine market. Currently the winery produces up to 700 liters of biologically pure wine annually and aims to produce up to 3000 liters annually as they are continually increasing production. Revazishvilis Wine maintains their bond to Georgia’s long history of winemaking, using local grape varieties and hoping to inspire other winemakers in Georgia.

Rostomaant1 Thumb Winery Exterior

Region: Kakheti

Rostomaant Marani, established by the Rostomashvili family, can trace its history back to 1770 when the monk Rostom Orbeliani first cultivated a grape harvest. The dynasty has passed through six generations of Rostomashvili’s and is now run by Zurab and Irakli Rostomashvili. The logo is a portrait of Nikoloz Rostomashvili (1887-1967), who was the last owner of the company when it was at a prior location in Akhmeta.

Ruispiri MAIN Cellar 1

Region: Kakheti
Appellation: Kvareli

Ruispiri Cellar strives to produce the finest natural wine with all organic and biodynamic processes, focusing on maintaining the health of their soil and nurturing crops through environmentally friendly practice. They uphold traditional Georgian methods of winemaking in qvevri, which date back to 8,000 years ago.

Ruispiri Cellar is a member of the Natural Wine Association.

Samtavisi1 Thumb Vineyards

Region: Kartli
Appellation: Atenuri (or Ateni)

Samtavisi’s Marani has been selling wines since 2014, producing fine natural wine with traditional Georgian winemaking methods that date back thousands of years. The winery harvests rare local grape varieties Chinuri, Goruli, Mtsvane, and Buza with organic processes over a 2-hectare territory, with no filtration or additives.

Samtavisi’s Marani is a member of the Natural Wine Association.

Sarajishvili1 Thumb Harvest Grapes

Region: Kakheti

Wine production in Georgia was introduced thousands of years ago, but the first Georgian wine brandy connected to David Sarajishvili’s name appears only in the XIX century.
The end of the XIX century is one of the most productive epochs in Georgian history. It is a time of emerging Georgian magazines, newspapers, printing houses, “the Reading and Writing Society,” the first Georgian theater, the national bank and the first Georgian wine brand factory.

The first Georgian wine brand was created thanks to tireless efforts and tremendous desire of David Sarajishvili. He was the one to establish the first classical brandy making technology in Georgia and to produce the cognac. Sarajishvili has not only introduced the European winemaking technologies in Georgia but also conducted a study of the Georgian climate and soil for choosing right Georgian grape species and creating the best micro-zones for making vineyards. Established in 1884, the company produced its first product in 1887.

David Sarajishvili’s work was highly praised internationally in 1889-1912. As a result, Georgian brandy was awarded gold medals at Paris, Brussels, and Chicago exhibitions. In 1913 the company earned the exceptional status: “the provider of Russian Emperors house”.

Due to the incurable illness, David Sarajishvili passed away in 1911. The great producer and philanthropist invested most of his 3-million property in his country. He has financially supported the establishment of “The Reading and Writing Society,” the Kutaisi theater, surgery clinics, schools, academic institutions, and many others.

The company was headed by David Sarajishvili’s wife, Ekaterine Poraqishvili from 1911. She successfully continued her husband’s activity and also added her contribution to the development of cognac production in Georgia.

Sargveshi1 Thumb Qvevri

Region: Imereti
Appellation: Khvanchkara

Pantsulaias Wine Cellar is a family-owned and operated vineyard producing fine natural wine with traditional Georgian winemaking methods dating back 8,000 years. Local grape species Tsitska and Tsolikouri are harvested in their vineyards with environmentally friendly and organic practices, and the wine is fermented and aged in Georgian qvevri with no additives.

Pantsulaias Wine Cellar is a member of the Natural Wine Association.

Sazano1 Thumb Lodging

Region: Imereti

Founded in 2017, Sazano Wine Cellar represents the culmination of six generations of winemaking history for a pioneering family in Georgia’s Imereti wine region. Following traditional Georgian practices, the family produces wines from rare grapes native to the region, including Krakhuna, Tsitska, Tsolikouri, Otskhanuri Sapere, Ojaleshi, and Aladasturi.

The Sazano Wine Cellar ferments its wines from their three hectares of vines in qvevri with partial skin contact as is the Imeretian tradition.

In 2019, the family added a beautiful boutique hotel to their riverside property outside Zestafoni, in the form of a restored, 200-year-old traditional Imeretian house. With the further addition of a restaurant serving local cuisine, they now offer guests a fully immersive experience in eco-cultural tourism.