Map displays only wineries listed below. Use "Next" and "Previous" to view additional results.

Map displays only wineries listed below. Use "Next" and "Previous" to view additional results.

Find producers throughout Georgia’s winemaking regions and appellations.

We are proud to have almost 250 Georgian wine producers listed in this directory. As of the spring of 2020, 120 of these wineries have partnered with US importers for distribution in the U.S. market. And the community is growing each month.

Learn more about these winemakers, their ancient traditions and their very dynamic wines. For importers who are seeking wines that have not yet been introduced to the US market, please contact georgia@marqwine.com for a complete listing.

If you are seeking natural wines, please look for "Member of the Natural Wine Association".



Region: Kakheti
Appellation: Kakheti

Unique terroir red wines under the brand Artevani are made in Georgia’s historic Kakheti region from the organically grown Saperavi…

Artisan Winery

Region: Kakheti

While Artistan Winery is currently operated by Giorgi Tsiskrashvili and his partner Mamuka Totosashvili, the Tsiskrashvili family has been producing…


Region: Kakheti

Artizani is a small winery established in 2015 by three friends. Translated from French, ‘Artizani’ means master who works with…

Asatiani Wine Cellar

Region: Lechkhumi
Appellation: Tvishi

Asatiani Wine Cellar produces unique wines with traditional Georgian methods, farming the local Tsolikauri grapes with organic practices and producing…

Askaneli Brothers

Region: Guria, Kakheti
Appellation: Kakheti

The history of the Askaneli Brothers began in the village Askana in the region of Guria, where the first winemaking…

Babaneuris Marani

Region: Kakheti

Babaneuris Marani produces wine with traditional Georgian methods dating back more than 8,000 years, as wines are fermented and aged…

Badagoni Wine Company

Region: Kakheti

Founded in 2006, Badagoni Wines has enjoyed outstanding success with a range of site-specific local wines that are among the…

Baghdati Estates

Region: Imereti

Founded in 2009, Baghdati Estates has since been a family owned and operated vineyard, and they continue to produce traditional…

Bagrationi 1882

Region: Kartli
Appellation: Atenuri (or Ateni), Kakheti

Founded in 1937 as the first specialized enterprise producing sparkling wine in Georgia, Bagrationi is the leader of the Georgian…

Baia’s Wine

Region: Imereti

Baia’s Wine is a small family winery in Obcha Village that brings new life and energy to the winemaking scene.…

Barbale Wines

Region: Bolnisi, Kartli

Barbale Wines prides itself on producing unique vintages with traditional Georgian methods passed down for centuries, in the Kartli region…


Region: Kakheti
Appellation: Kakheti

Founded in 2003, Batono Wine Company prides itself in committing to growing, producing, and selling finest quality wines by merging…


Region: Kakheti
Appellation: Kakheti

We embarked on our journey to something already well known and well nestled in our identity in the year of…

Besini Winery

Region: Kakheti
Appellation: Teliani, Tsinandali

Besini Winery, founded in 2004, is named after the Georgian word for sacrificial wine. Grapes are grown in the Kakheti…

BG Wines

Region: Kakheti

BG Wines proudly produces the finest natural Georgian wine as they aspire towards far reaching success in domestic and international…

Bibineishvili Wines

Region: Adjara

Originally founded as a family cellar in 2006, Bibineishvili Wines was incorporated and renamed in 2015, and has been producing…

Binekhi Winery

Region: Kartli

Founded in 1994, Binekhi Winery makes premium red and amber wines and spirits from indigenous Georgian grape varities harvested on…

Blui’s Wine

Region: Kakheti

Blui’s Wine was founded by Irakli Blui in Akura, where the company makes fine, natural wines of their own grapes.…

Boisa Wines

Region: Kakheti

Boisa Wines was founded by Vladimir Boisa after he completed his career as a professional athlete and had the time…

Bolero & Co.

Region: Kakheti

Founded in 2012, Bolero & Company is a successful holding firm comprised of several companies: K and Georgian Spirits Ltd,…