Obene Winery

Obene Featured

Obene Winery is a family-owned wine cellar in a village in Mukhuri, Chkhorotskhu municipality, Western Georgia. The winery is producing Western Georgian grape varieties. The owner and winemaker Mikheil Tsirdava produces very limited addition, up to 60,00 bottles of qvevri wines using traditional methods in the work process. Visitors have the opportunity to take a…

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Oda Family Winery

Founded in 2015, Oda Family Winery seeks to revive rare local grape varieties and produce fine natural Georgian wine with traditional methods. The grapes are harvested organically and the family offers wine tasting and authentic Georgian cuisine to guests, providing family hospitality to welcome newcomers into the Georgian culture. Oda Family Winery is a member…

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Martvili Marani

Founded in 2012, Martvili Marani (formerly Vino Martvili) owns 0.5 hectares of vineyard and produces fine natural wines with traditional Georgian methods dating back thousands of years, fermenting and aging wine in qvevri. The winery harvests local grape varieties Ojaleshi, Orbeluri Ojaleshi, Tsolikauri, Krakhuna using organic methods, and also works with winegrowers in various other…

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