GHVINO FORUM 2021: Geography, History, Economy, and Politics of Wines in Georgia and Beyond

November 9, 2021

Ghvino Forum is a celebration of 8000 years of living wine culture in Georgia, where the origins of wine, uninterrupted Qvevri wine-making tradition and unique varietal distinctiveness evolved into the elegance of modern-day winemaking.

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The Ghvino Forum was initiated in 2018 by the America Georgia Business Council to advance the understanding of the origin of vine and wine culture, and to explore the intersection of wine, society, and business in Georgia and beyond.Another objective was to demonstrate that Georgia not only has the oldest wine history, but it also has a very dynamic wine industry with a great diversity of native grape varietals and different wine-making techniques, including the traditional qvevri method of natural winemaking

*Ghvino, ღvino or ღვინო is the Georgian word for “wine,” and is widely thought to be the origin of the term.

November 9, Penn Museum, University of Pennsylvania