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Zekari Wine follows centuries-old Georgian traditions of winemaking and simultaneously uses modern technology, as they aim to spread awareness of both Georgian and European wine culture internationally.

The winery owns vineyards in several neighboring territories near the Village Siktarva where they harvest local grape varieties Tsitska, Tsolikouri, Krakhuna, and Otskhanuri Sapre.

Zekari built a new winery in 2016, when they introduced additional technology and quality control in their production. The winery also has a small hotel to host tourists and guests interested in Georgian wine culture.


Village Siktarva, Terjola Municipality, Region Imereti, Georgia


Zekari Wine is located in Georgia’s western Imereti region known for its history and its wine production.

Situated with the warm Black Sea to the west and the Caucasus Mountains to the north, Imereti has a unique humid subtropical climate that cultivates several rare grape varieties indigenous to the region. The winery sits above the flowing Kvirila River.


Zekari Wine
Village Siktarva, Terjola Municipality, Region Imereti, Georgia
+995 574 707 007
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