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Nelkarisi Winery works in conjunction with Friend’s Cellar and Ikano labels. In 2009, Friend’s Cellar was founded as an endeavor of companions from 11 countries around the world, united in their appreciation for Georgian wine. Nelkarisi Winery preserves the authentic winegrowing traditions of Georgia, and Ikano teams up with international winemakers and foreign wines to produce exquisite blends.

The historical significance of the area is primarily in this company’s history: the cellar is built on the ancient city Nelkarisi, dating back to the first century. It was home for Mithraic culture, where winemaking was central to village life. Nelkarisi’s vineyards were planted in 2001, with about 4,000 plants per hectare, yielding about 7,000 kg per hectare each vintage. During harvest, the delicate grapes are carefully handpicked using a selective method. Only 7-8 kg capacity small, wooden baskets are used for transportation to the winery.


Village Shilda, Kvareli Municipality, Region Kakheti, Georgia


Nelkarisi’s vineyards are located in the Kindzmarauli micro-zone, between the Alazani and Durudji Rivers in Kakheti. Because of the black soil from the river Durudji, the temperature is about three to five degrees higher than nearby areas; thus, the grapes have 23-28% sugar.


Nelkarisi Winery
Village Shilda, Kvareli Municipality, Region Kakheti, Georgia
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Not yet represented in the U.S. market.

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