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Merab Ediberidze Wine Cellar continues working in longstanding winemaking traditions from their ancestors, operating in both vineyards and wine cellars on site inherited from past generations of over 40 years old. The winery cultivates the rare indigenous grape varieties Krakhuna and Tsitska, at 235 meters above sea level, on the mountain slope over 0.5 hectares of vineyard.

Merab Ediberidze uses traditional, natural methods of wine production with skin contact to ensure the finest quality product, producing up to 2,000 bottles annually.


Village Meore Sviri, Zestafoni Municipality, Region Imereti, Georgia


Merab Ediberidze Wine Cellar sits in the mountainous Imereti region in western Georgia, between the nation’s capital Tbilisi and the Black Sea. The warm sea winds and the cool mountain air from the Caucasus in the north creates a humid subtropical climate in this region, which is fertile for the cultivation of several rare local grape varieties.


Merab Ediberidze
VillageMeoreSviri,ZestafoniMunicipality, RegionImereti,Georgia
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