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Khvanchkari wine factory was established in 1927 by Dimitri Kipiani, now known as Khvanchkara, though the company’s beginnings were far earlier. In the 1880’s, Kipiani, a Georgian noble, began the wine making process with a semi-sweet red wine, from Alksandrouli and Mujuretuli grape varieties. He entered this wine in a 1907 competition in Osten, Belgium, where it won the Grand Gold Prize.
With the condition of the present market economy, the governmental regulation of Georgian wines and their names, the main goal of the Company is to introduce their famous Khvanchkara wine to the foreign market, and to the Georgian market as well. Khvanchkara LTD’s wine is bottled in their exclusive black glass, which is produced solely in The Czech Republic. Due to the outstanding design of the bottles, Khvanchkara wine, manufactured by Khvanchkara Ltd, can be easily distinguished from products of other manufacturers and prevent falsification. The wine company is committed to producing the finest quality authentic Georgian wines.


Village Khvanchkara, Ambrolauri Municipality, Region Racha, Georgia


Khvanchkara LTD sits in the Khvanchkara micro-zone, which is known for its scenic slopes which grace the river valley of the Rioni River. The area ranges from 450 to 75 meters above sea level and has a humid climate and moderately cold winters complemented by hot, dry summers, which is suitable for cultivating several unique grape varietals. Khvanchkara LTD has its offices located in the nation’s capital and cultural center of Tbilisi.


Khvanchkara LTD
Tbilisi, Georgia 0162
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Not yet represented in the U.S. market.

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