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The Didgori Winemaking brand grew out of the Kabistoni Winery, owned by viticulturist Gela Kipiani. He established the winery and revitalized the vineyards in 2002 with a dream of restoring Kipiani wine in the Racha region.The Kabistoni grape had previously been on the brink of extinction, but the family is working to restore it.

Today, Giorgi Kipiani produces the wine and grows the grapes, and carries on the family name. He labels the bottles with honor in the Didgori name, which pays tribute to a traditional Georgian singing and chant ensemble, of which he has been a member for 12 years.

The wine is produced in small batches of 300+ bottles, made in 12 qvevris, with production increasing annually. Recently, he found old qvevris in his village to use and began producing wine made of grapes from his neighbors. Didgori wines are all-natural, without the use of chemicals, sulfate, or artificial intervention.


Village Khvanchkara, Ambrolauri Municipality, Region Racha, Georgia


Didgori Winemaking sits in theKhvanchkaramicro-zone, which is known for its scenic slopes which grace the river valley of the Rioni River. The area ranges from 450 to 75 meters above sea level and has a humid climate and moderately cold winters complemented by hot, dry summers, which is suitable for cultivating several unique grape varietals.


Mr. Gela Kipiani
Village Khvanchkara, Ambrolauri Municipality, Racha
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+995 551 515 353


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