Bimbili Khvanchkara

Bimbili Khvanchkara 2019

Vintage: 2019 Type: Red – naturally semi-sweet Grape Variety: Aleksandrouli, Mujuretuli Alcohol: 13% Notes: Naturally semi-sweet; balanced, with notes of violet, raspberry, peach flower, and wild rose.

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Bimbili Tsolikouri

Bimbili Tsolikouri 2019

Vintage: 2019 Type: White Grape Variety: Tsolikouri, Rachuli Mtsvane Alcohol: 13.5% Notes: Low tannins, dry, with less than medium body and slightly higher acidity; Scents of hay, fresh almonds, and mirabelle plum

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Bimbili Mudjuretuli

Bimbili Mujuretuli 2019

Vintage: 2019 Type: Red Grape Variety: Mudjuretuli Alcohol: 14% Notes: Less then medium on tannins, dry, with medium body and acidity; Explosive tones of cherries, humus and fresh figs

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Vintage: 2020 Type: Red – dry Grape Variety: Dzelshavi Alcohol: 11% Notes: This wine is unfiltered, organic, and may have some sediment.

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